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How to change a WG pendant finding to YG - similar to Earring jacket??

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  • How to change a WG pendant finding to YG - similar to Earring jacket??

    I have been reading threads here for the last few months and have enjoyed all the lovely pictures and wonderful feedback provided by the members. I have a question on how to get more versatility out of my pearl pendant -though not to sure how to phrase it - so please bear with me

    I have a lovely white 14.5 m SSP pendant from PP - Click image for larger version

Name:	WSS pearl pendant.jpg
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    (oops - apologies about the size)

    Now I would like to wear this with a YG chain as well. I was wondering if anyone knows of any jacket style clasp I can put around the WG finding ( e.g. a mini hollow ball locket type thing - that would still show the diamond and allow some WG to show at the top for the chain to go through, but would have some YG attached around the finding to allow it to be customisable to be two tone and thus wear a yg chain.

    Or some clip on YG embellishments to the top of the finding to make it two tone - - not sure if I am making sense - I wish I could do CAD so I could show you.

    I have googled and can't find anything that can do this - a removable small YG embellishment to make it two tone - hope I am making sense. If not I will need to put pen to paper and attempt to draw something ( which I will then attach)

    Love my first real pearl - and am looking at ways to make it more wearable.


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    I would simply put this pendant onto a yellow gold chain, or alternatively layer this more delicate piece with a bolder yellow gold link. I wear my golds mixed all the time.
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      Or, hang it on a two-tone chain.


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        Just hang it on a yellow gold chain. I mix metal colors all the time. Trust me. Everyone will think it's supposed to be that way.

        I even hang my pendants off two chains, one white and one yellow gold, at the same time.

        I have a couple of cable necklaces, so they are stiff, and the white gold one is an inch shorter than the yellow gold one, so they really push apart when worn together through the same pendant bail.

        My watch has a steel band (white metal) with some yellow gold links. And I have a 3 color gold bracelet that I wear all the time. So my wrists are already set up with almost every color metal there is. I no longer panic if my earring metal doesn't match my necklace metal. All metal colors seem to go together just fine. Plus, everyone will be looking at your pearl, not the bail or the chain.


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          It might be fun for you to add a small personal charm or 2 in yellow gold or mixed metals





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            Same pearl pendant.

            Yellow gold chain.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0623.jpg
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            White gold chain.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0646.jpg
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            Both yellow and white gold chains.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0562.jpg
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            I prefer to have diamonds set in white metals because it makes them look bigger.
            But a yellow gold chain with your white gold pendant will work. Especially if the chain has some sparkle to it.


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              I love the look of the two cable chains together.
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                Thank you for your replies and suggestions .... two tone chain why didn't I think of that ... great idea
                I also love the idea of some small yg charms on either side - just have to find these - any suggestions of where to look?

                in hindsight I should have gone for a finding with more diamonds so that the WG wouldn't be so obvious with the yg chain, .... I am not in the US so sending it back to PP etc is a bit of a logistical hassle. It would be good if there was a two tone finding, with one side WG and the other side YG - that way it could be reversible - if that makes sense.



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                  I agree that you should just wear it with a gold chain. That said another option..tho more permanent would be to have the diamond reset with 18k yellow gold prongs with the little balls on the ends to make them more of a feature. Tho I think it would be cheaper to just buy a new pendant finding that is both yellow and white gold.