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    I look at the portraits and effigies of Queen Elizabeth I and wonder how on earth she even stayed standing. She was under 5ft and with all the layers of clothes and those heavy pearls, it's a wonder she didn't tipple over. she could speak or read English, Welsh, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian.
    Author:Pearls A Practical Guide published by Crowood Jan 2021


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      Be. Still. My. Heart. 21 tiaras? Swoon. I see those Russian costumes and think “Yeah, my kids and their spouses could carry that off!” I told my son that, and he just sighed and wrote “Yes, Mother” with an eye roll. He Says they prefer easy care fabrics, as they do their own laundry. Lol.

      Elizabeth1 was supposed to be a good rider as well as being short, so she’d be up to the challenges physically of the heavy costuming. I wonder how long she maintained good conditioning? It seems she rode and danced forever, but what about the rest, tennis, fencing and such?

      I’m so nosy, I just read that back in the Victorian day a lot of Royal coffins were opened and the bodies inspected. I wonder if Elizabet1 was inspected? If she’d developed any debilitating arthritis?

      I have no shame, I want more and more pearls. I don’t begrudge anyone any wealth or gems, what have you, just imagine the wonderful patronage of artists...just need to have a care for the little people, pay your bills, and not go on oppressive religious/mercantile murderous sprees, and all could be well, all could be well...
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