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Size of Pearls and Earlobes

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  • Size of Pearls and Earlobes

    It always intrigues me to see how the same size pearls appears differently on people depending on the size of their earlobes.

    The lovely 10mm pearls earrings as seen in recent threads (one for white SSP, the other for Tahitian) would appear small and too dainty on my big fat earlobes, where a 6mm pearl would just appear as a dot!

    Here is a comparison of my 13mm and 10mm Tahitians:


    I do not have a pic of me wearing 6mm pearls alone, as I would only wear this size with earring jackets that would increase the overall diameter of the earrings to nearly 13mm:

    The diamond earring jackets were originally purchased to give my 6mm 0.98tcw diamond studs that were given to me by my parents in my early teens when I was a lot slimmer, with less chubby earlobes!

    I then thought about making the most of the earring jackets, and bought 3 different pairs of 6mm round studs to go with them: black and white pearls, and plain white gold round studs.

    For really formal functions, I would turn to my nearly 20mm diamond jackets, that will just about cover my earlobe, which were fabricated using the same cast as the clasp I purchased from KGH Jeweller (thanks to Jeremy for putting me in touch with them):

    and and and

    The pic with my 6mm diamond stud shows too much space between the stud and jacket for my liking, and I am hoping to get a pair of bigger studs with good simulated diamonds to go with the jackets, or just wear the jackets with pearls. The white pearl stud is 8mm Freshadamas, the black one is the same 10mm Tahitian as above. Apology in advance for the fuzzy ear shots!

    I find I have to try on earrings in order to see if they sit well on my earlobes, and that round earrings need to have the poles in the centre in order to make them sit right.

    In some ways, I wish I have more dainty earlobes so that I don't have to wear such big earrings as they cost more. And dangling earrings look wrong on me, unless the top part is big enough to cover the earlobe so that the dangle part hangs and swings freely below. Dainty wire fittings just disappear on me.

    So ladies, let's hear your thoughts about size of pearls and earlobes, and post pics of your pearl earrings, especially if they are dangling ones, so that I can ogle at them please.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Love those jackets!!! (scrawny earlobes here.... a bit envious)


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      Thank you for starting this thread and for the lovely shots of your pearl earrings and jackets.

      I have smaller lobes and I always thought that the size of pearl earrings had more to do with your ear size, and less to do with the size of your pearl necklace. The green peacock Tahitian stud from Kamoka is just under 10 mm and is the largest size I feel comfortable to wear. I'm happier sporting something closer to these 8 - 8.5mm silver blue akoyas from Pearl Paradise.

      I actually do own larger pearl studs, but have never worn them. It's all about size and proportion, and I thank you for your excellent ear shots.

      Enjoy wearing your gorgeous pearls!

      Click image for larger version

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        Well, I have a whole different issue~mismatched earlobes, eek! One is thinner and slightly shorter!

        Plus both lobes have been repierced since the original piercing on the thin one got torn. So I find smaller studs makes the difference seem more noticeable to me, and a larger dangle earring that drops down below the lobe area gives a different focal point, or an earring that covers most of the lobe works best.

        On top of all that, I'm a little self conscious about scars on one ear from a car accident I was in during my college years.





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          This is a cool thread. I also love those earring jackets!