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Charity of the Month Featuring Pearls

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    I wonder if these ideas could be combined with the subject covered in the thread "The Green Pearl Activists" in the "Pearling Industry News" forum. From the reports I read in the scientific media, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in this world more important to tackle than the issue of Ocean Acidification. In fact, everything may hinge on our dealing with this issue. To see what I'm referring to, read:
    There are still those who dispute the issue of global warming, but I can find no-one who disputes the fact of increasing Ocean Acidification. (If you can, then let me know, please.)


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      Originally posted by pattye View Post
      I particularly like the ones that don't have huge fundraising budgets and the money actually goes to the programs
      I agree with Pattye 100%!!!

      There are plenty of local animal rescue organizations with exhausted volunteers, where a $20 donation would directly translate into hay or veterinary treatment for terribly abused domestic animals.

      Local spay/neuter organizations and chapters of the House Rabbit Society perform heroic deeds on a regular basis, with budgets a fraction of the size of the big, staffed charities.

      The online Time article, _An Epidemic of Abandoned Horses_, broke my heart:,00.html

      Thanks for posting this idea!

      I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we've got to do it right. We've got to give those animals a decent life and we've got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.
      -Dr. Temple Grandin


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        I give to Doctors without borders for just that reason. And they are some gutsy folks.


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          Since China is so important in the pearl industry, I'll offer a specifically Chinese charity. Half the Sky ...

          It originates in America but beneits orphanages in China, and specifically those children who are not always offered for adoption. (Many, many orphanages are not even involved in the international adoption program, thereby completely removing that option for the children; and while domestic adoption is growing, it's not nearly what it needs to be to deal with the situation created by the one-child rule.) Orphanage life is notoriously difficult, especially with the high population of baby girls and special needs children (as pollution increases, so is the rate of birth defects). Half the Sky tries to provide at least some one-on-one attention to those children who remain in an often very 'institutional' (sometimes, sadly, very neglectful) environment. Many of the adoptees to America, even those who are perfectly healthy physically, have significant developmental delays from this institutional lifestyle. This group tries to help those who will spend the rest of their childhoods there, eventually to be sent out on their own. (Quite possibly some of the same young women who will be working in the pearl farms, given the further difficulties facing those who age out of the orphanages.)

          It's just a thought. It's a very respected group among the parents of Chiense adoptees.

          This is their board of directors:
          Author Amy Tann's husband is the president of the board.

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            The Wish Fish

            Hi, All,

            My wife and I operate a charity that last year gave away 12,000 free wheelchairs to disabled adults and impoverished children thoughout the Philippines and Cambodia. Because we do not raise funds or seek outside financial support--although we have much volunteer help--we fund One World Institute entirely out of our pockets and through pearl activities.

            A few months ago Princess Yolanda asked silver craftsmen from Sulu to create jewelry using locally produced, 99% pure silver, and Mother of Pearl or cultured pearls from the Sulu Sea. Now we seek a market for about 250 pieces per month. This will allow many fathers and mothers to make enough income to buy rice and fish for their children, and perhaps even enough to buy shoes and uniforms so their kids can go to school.

            The pin is about 3.5" long x 1.8" wide. It is entirely handmade, not stamped out by some machine. The men and women grind Pinctada maxima shells to get the Mother of Pearl. The silver comes from nearby mountains. Each piece requires approximately 30 hours of manual labor.

            Our cost is $20 per pin. We would like to make $22 per pin--if sold in bulk, more if in lots of 10--which creates a little profit to support the school we just opened, which you can read about at this link. Then click on the education link. A 3 minute YouTube video may interest begins with sort of a scratching sound and then begins to show images.

            So, if you know of anyone with a big enough store to buy half or all of the monthly production, please ask them to contact me.

            Thomas Stern,MD
            Chairman, One World Institute, A California Public Benefit Corporation
            Prince of Sulu and North Borneo
            Philippine Consulate Building
            Suite 701
            447 Sutter Street
            San Francisco, California, USA 94108
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              Mystic Squid

              The Celebes Sea and Sulu Sea teem with squid, which have magical properties according to local legends. The eyes are cubic zirconium. Again, entirely handmade by Tausog craftsmen, 3 to 4 inches long, 99% silver.
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                For their flaws, I like that AmazonSmile allows percentages of each purchase you make directed to a charity of your choice, Etsy and eBay have similar programs but I think it is sellers choice. During natural disasters most of the etailers have donate buttons on their sites for a period of time.
                No, Midge said, I take it back. I wouldnt get a mink coat the first thing. Know what Id do? Id get a string of pearls. Real pearls. Yes, Annabel said, slowly. I think thats a kind of a good idea. And it would make sense, too. Because you can wear pearls with anything.


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                  Dr. Tom Stern passed away recently. He was a very good philanthropist.and a great natural pearl lover.