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Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?

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  • Pearls looking more beautiful when worn regularly?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this, but I would love your observations. I’ve noticed, especially with my akoyas (including some vintage ones), that they look more beautiful and lustrous when I wear them often. (Of course I don’t clean house in them or expose them to detergent, chemicals, or solvents.) After each wearing I’m careful to wipe them down super gently with a lint-free soft cloth (maybe dampened with distilled water), before putting them away. I know pearls can dry out, so I’m guessing that the warmth and humidity they’re exposed to when being worn can be beneficial to them. I would love to hear your experiences, and if there’s some science-y stuff behind the phenomenon, I’d be interested in that, too. Thanks for reading. Be well, everyone!

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    Without trying to sound "corny"...I have noticed that when pearls are worn, they look lovelier...and the wearer ALSO looks lovelier! I believe it goes both ways
    I have an old friend, gemologist (she recently retired) and pearl passionate, she told me that with Akoya pearl necklaces she would notice they would look better when worn continuously as opposed to being stashed in a safe or box. Some customers would give her these necklaces that seemed "frail and brittle" so she would wear them a full month and she gave them back to the owners "revived".
    She believes that there are some people that can "bring life back to damaged pearls"...and that others may "damage them". It was interesting to discuss this with her.

    Me? I believe that some pearls may dehydrate and that when you wear them against your skin, they may absorb some moisture and the look better. I would say this is the basis for this phenomenon.

    And just like you...I would LOVE to hear others' experience on this subject
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