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Conch Pearl Book - October 2007

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  • Conch Pearl Book - October 2007

    From the publisher's site:


    "The Pink Pearl

    An original story on a unique Pink Pearl, popular from the Victorian Age to the 1920s, which now lives a renaissance, thanks to new designs and a new fashion.

    This beautifully illustrated book sets out to tell the story of a collection of about 30,000 pearls, with no rival anywhere in the world, and that of the rediscovery of these pearls.

    The pink pearl of the Caribbean is produced by a very beautiful shellfish, the queen conch.

    The collector is Sue Hendrickson, a professional diver and a sort of female Indiana Jones, who has spent much of her life collecting pearls found by the people who fish this conch, all over the Caribbean. They gather it for its flesh, which is very good to eat, and, on average, one in every 10,000 shells contains a pearl. This collection has been sold to a Swiss dealer in stones and gems, who has successfully begun to make contemporary jewelry incorporating the pink pearls. The book sets out to tell her story, and that of the rediscovery of these pearls, while giving a professional nudge in the right direction to this “new” gem. Professionals and fans of jewelry will find it an entertaining read and a valuable resource.

    Hubert Bari is a writer, set designer and curator of exhibitions all over the world.

    Publication: October 2007"

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    This is about the Queen Conch of the Keys of florida, Gulf of Mexico. I haven't found any on The Eastern Whelk. I believe the Colder water produces more Orange,salmon colored pearls. Maybe i'm wrong ?


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      Just a message to all french readers on this forum, this book is also available in french, a fantastic book for those who love natural pearls. incredible pink pearls and very creative jewelry as well.


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        I believe the Colder water produces more Orange,salmon colored pearls
        Charles I do not believe water temperature has ever been shown to directly affect the color of a pearl. Its more the species and possibly the diet of the mollusk that causes the variations.
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          I ordered a copy from Amazon ($36.54, free shipping) and it arrived today-- it is a gorgeous book!

          The photos are amazing-- especially the ones showing the flame pattern, and the fantastic pieces of jewelry that have been created to show off these pearls. 174 pages, hard cover, a large book-- a great coffee table book. It's a great companion to Pearls: A Natural History. Can't wait to read it!