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First Time Pearl Buyer, Please can you help

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  • First Time Pearl Buyer, Please can you help

    Hello everyone,

    I'm about to dive into my first pearl necklace purchase. I already own some PP freshadama earings I'm in love with them.

    I'm really torn between my next purchase. I would dearly love both but my funds don't really stretch that far.

    I'm caught between two, the first being the City Strand the PP current special of the month - I saw it and just lost my breath. I would love to wear it strung around the neck twice or my second preference is freshwater baroque pearl necklace.

    I wonder which I would get more wear out of ?

    I'd love to hear what you ladies reach for first - your round or baroque necklaces.

    I'm not sure if its relevant but I work in an office environment and I'm 30. Perhaps turning 30 has inspired me to get a lovely strand of pearls !

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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    I think you might get more wear out of the City strand if you are petite though it's more "formal". The baroques are a bit bigger and suited for casual wear. At the price I think getting the City strand is great value for money - I don't think I could do much better in China myself. Ropes seem to be the rage right now, and the length is adjustable especially with a ball clasp. You can just get another necklace/bracelet with a ball clasp and tack it on to make an even longer strand down the track. Baroques are also quite personal in that you may not like the shape/surface of a particular strand. There were individual pictures of strands initially but that got too labor intensive for marketing to the public (it was private offer only at first so fewer of us). Unless you know exactly what kind of shape you like, the rounds are also a better bet. I'm tempted by the City strand myself, but I already have ropes and I just want a kickass freshadama strand that's graduated.
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      Hello Katie,
      Welcome to the forum.
      If it were me, I'd go for the City strand - it is great value for money, and versatile in that you can wear it as it is for a night out or doubled for everyday wear. Or knotted, or held with a brooch, or two brooches, etc.etc.etc.

      And it's on offer - baroques may come on offer at some time and if they do, you'll maybe then be able to have them as well !


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        Thank you so much for your thoughts.

        I think you are correct - the city offer is just too good to pass up. Patiently waiting for pay day next week ....

        Perhaps Baroques for my birthday !


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          Actually just a thought ..

          If I double up the pearls around my neck and they rub against each other - will they damage each other ?


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            I have not had that problem with ropes, but if you are worried, get a pearl shortener so you can control the length precisely (i.e. nested) such that they don't rub against each other. PP has it under findings or something.
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              Since I've never bought from PP (that would be a bit 'coals to Newcastle) may I have the link to see them or perhaps be an honorary on the mailing list ...pretty please?
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                Hi Katie,
                I've not had any problems re. damage when wearing pearls doubled up
                Here you go, Wendy:


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                  I agree with everyone's take on getting the City Strand. I too have been tempted knowing what a good deal it is. You will get a lot of wear out of it.

                  Originally posted by Raisondetre View Post
                  ....I just want a kickass freshadama strand that's graduated.
                  This necklace is just amazing in person - I got it as a gift for a very good friend and nearly kept it because it is just so beautiful.


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                    Hi Katie, and welcome. If you read old posts, I think you would see that many of us reach for baroques over our rounds... but baroque pearls are always less expensive, and that beautiful "City" strand from Jeremy is an excellent price - AND of course, it will match your earrings better than baroques... maybe it will make a nice belated 30th birthday present for yourself! I have a 36" necklace of similar size pearls and I just love it - always feels special, and elegant!
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                      Originally posted by Heidi View Post
                      This necklace is just amazing in person - I got it as a gift for a very good friend and nearly kept it because it is just so beautiful.
                      You didn't keep it??? OK, being dumb. For a friend, not from a friend ...

                      I'm after a very specific graduation that's probably got Jeremy wrecking his brains. I want a white 6-10 mm (well, 6-9 might do) with a large centerpiece, preferably 11-12 mm, with silver rose overtones that look like a hanadama strand. Wonder when that's going to happen, if ever. I don't think I'll ever be able to find such high-grade pearls on a short trip in China, especially since they have all kinds of junk I have to sift through.
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                        I ordered the City strand yesterday (college graduation present from my parents ), and should be getting it within the next week and a half-- when I get it, I'll post pictures and let you know what I think, katie!


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                          Thank you everyone for your advice, I'm so grateful.

                          Elisa - congratulations on your graduation. I would absolutely love to see a picture of the necklace.


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                            Congratulations Elisa - a college degree AND some fabulous pearls - well done!

                            I really think the City Strand is one of the best value strands I have seen around - looking foward to seeing some photos!


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                              Originally posted by elisa View Post
                              I ordered the City strand yesterday (college graduation present from my parents )
                              I recently graduated from college myself and I would've loved some new pearls but it was either that or a new laptop Ah, well, plenty of special occasions down the road ey? Can't wait to see your strand though.
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