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To Zhuji or not??

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    Thank you so much for all of the information and where you went and how you faired. It sounds like Weitang was your best experience had you had more time. Yes, too, it seems like if you have a smaller budget, to go and pay $1 or $2 more per strand doesn't seem that 'hurtful' - given more convenience and more selections.

    I still think I am going to try and go to the pearl markets near Zhuji. My husband and I have planned 2 days there. One day for bartering and the next day for purchasing. I can string my own and also use that nylon coated stainless steel which works very well for smaller pearls, pieces / styles. I usually use 2 or 3 types of pearls too, so I can purchase in bulk and add in stones as I purchase them online or from the markets here. So, our needs are a slightly different, nevertheless, I think we are both having a ball with our pearl 'hobbies'.

    I would very much like to see pictures...and if anyone has other pictures of the S. pearl markets near Zhuji - I would appreciate having a look at what enviornment I am going to be in while there. Right now my imagination runs wild and doesn't have much to go on...yet, the thoughts constantly run through my head.

    It also sounds like Ling Ling is bery proud of her pearls....maybe the little bit of advertisment has given her plenty of business from the US (and other places around the world) - Sharon's in Beijing went from a GREAT source to the poorest choice out there because she takes advantage of people's ignorance, vulnerability, and trust. However, again, it is just that the West ... has different business ethics and perspectives...I couldn't look in the mirror with such practices, but I was raised that this was wrong, they weren't...

    anyway, I have a lot of general opinions, they are free, you can ignore them.

    thank you again, I'll note all of the places you stopped and it will give me a lot to think about as I travel....


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      Thank you all for sharing your experiences, although I will probably never have the opportunity to shop China, it is great to hear all the details regarding the negotiating and all!

      so many pearls, so little time


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        Yes, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunities I have had to go to China, particularly this last trip which was pretty much just for pearl shopping! I have a very obliging husband!!

        Ksrizz - I would still definitely try to get to Zhuji if I were you. Your needs are different to mine - you don't need them strung, and you probably buy many more of the one type of strand than I ever would. It will be hard to negotiate to a final price though on one day, planning to purchase the next - I hope that works out OK for you. It should be warmer by then too, although if you went to University in Alaska, the cold probably wouldn't be an issue for you!!! I was pretty happy to get back to sunny summertime Sydney yesterday!

        I just picked up all my goodies from customs, and will try to do the photography tonight or tomorrow evening.

        By the way - 1 AUD = 6.3 RMB = 0.87 USD at the moment.


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          The market in Weitang is still small compared with Zhuji. Most of the pearls in Weitang are also from Zhuji's raw pearl providers.

          In Zhuji, you need a large volume. Then you can get good or reasonable price. But it does not mean that you can get all you need at one time. The factories hesitate to process the pearls. But if they finish one product, they try to sell them as soon as possible.
          Jun Wei


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            Photos from China trip...

            I thought it was time I added some of the pictures of my Shanghai purchases. Totally new to all this, so not sure if it is going to work....

            The first is of a couple of beautiful baroque strands - about 11mm x 13mm

            Next is of two (very different) lavender strands - bought from the grower at Weitang.. These are 10 - 11mm

            Some strands of gorgeous square coin pearls bought in Shanghai

            I bought lots of ropes - I think I mentioned that earlier - these whites are 9 - 10mmClick image for larger version

Name:	17 3WM 60 inch 9-10mm AA+ white pearl rope.jpg
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Size:	30.6 KB
ID:	338701

            And in Weitang I found just a couple of strands of these beautiful silvery (treated) rectangular pearls....had them made into a 3 strand necklace - varying lengths thanks of Sueki's thread about 3 strand necklaces - thankyou!! The photo really doesn't do these justice - I think I need to experiment a bit more with lighting, and camera settings. These pearls just shine!Click image for larger version

Name:	22 14 WM  3 strand silver grey rectangular pearl necklace.jpg
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Size:	19.5 KB
ID:	338702

            I will see how these pictures look before I get too carried away - have lots of others to show you all!

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              Hi Nerida,
              thanks for the lovely photos - keep going and post more.

              I like the luster in the first two strands, they also have fine orient and the square coins as well as the silvery rectangular strands I find enchanting!

              Of course every other of your purchases looks very nice and for a newby in pearls you seem to have done extremely well, I wish I could travel to Zuhij as well, just to see all the pearls there are...


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                A few more photos:

                Pretty pink rope - 9 - 10mm, AAClick image for larger version

Name:	18 3WM Pink rope.jpg
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Size:	32.3 KB
ID:	338703

                Three 11 - 12mm treated black strands - different overtones - the bluish one is lovely - dreadful photo, though - sorry!

                First one with copperish pink overtones

                Second with the blue tone

                Last one with plum pink overtones - this one is much more lustrous than shown in the photo..

                And some treated black "rice" pearls

                Might do another group soon of the other rices and circled ones....

                Thanks for your interest, the photos from Tuscon in the other threads are making me wish I was there too...


                Is there ever such a thing as too many pearls??
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                  Nerida -
                  Thank you for sharing your purchases with all of us, and please do post pictures of the rice and circle pearls! I can hardly take my eyes off the darker lavender strand. Your pictures are really making me wish I'd had an interest in pearls when I visited China...