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Good Afternoon Everyone! Is This an Authentic Mikimoto Pearl Ring? TY

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  • Good Afternoon Everyone! Is This an Authentic Mikimoto Pearl Ring? TY

    Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and Happy Thanksgivings to all that celebrate!
    I was wondering if this a authentic Mikimoto. It has the M in a clamshell, but what is throws me off is that it have S.I instead of just the S and Ster also on it. What do you think and thank you as always for your responses. Enjoy the rest of your day
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    Hello again ezeeepass
    Well, the STER is for "Sterling" so this is a Silver ring. And the "M" between the shell logo looks very much like Mikimoto's and the pearl looks quite a bit like a Japanese Akoya pearl, and not of the highest quality (hence it would be used on a less valuable setting).
    But it's lovely!
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      Thank you so much for responding and for the information. Happy Thanksgivings to you and your family.


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        Mikimoto did set their older pieces (40's and 50's) in silver. If the ring is that old, the pearl may be rather worn.


        • CortezPearls
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          Yes indeed...and with lower luster due to grime, use, whatever. Rings usually get mistreated a lot.