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Blue Akoya Custom Tin Cup, Bracelet and Earrings for Client

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    Beautiful work! The set came out gorgeous and dreamy.


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      So beautiful! Lovely work, Pattye, and PT, beautiful design choices - I’m sure you’ll love wearing them


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        Such beautiful work, Pattye. Thanks for sharing!


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          Originally posted by pattye View Post
          How about these lovely deep blue baroque akoya pearls! I was delighted when our forum member PT asked me to collaborate with her on making this dreamy set of jewelry in solid 14K and requested I share it with you all! PT had purchased this colorful strand from Cees. I hope she will add photos of herself wearing them, too! The project was great fun and PT knew just what she wanted, orbit clasps, a necklace approx 24 inches with close spacing and strong chain, a wire-wrapped bracelet and lever back earrings. The 2 larger pearls at the bottom of the earrings were not part of the strand.
          (Apologies for the large photos; I'm having problems with photo program, or could it be me? ha)

          Here's the temporary layout ~


          And the finished pieces ~



          One lonely pearl was all that was left, perfect as a simple pendant for her daughter's birthday gift!

          What a beautiful strand and lovely craftsmanship. I bet it looks lovely on!


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            Beautiful Pattye, and yes, I hope PT shares a neck shot with us.
            Happy Huku


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              I'm also hoping PT will share a neck shot! She may be feeling shy. My photos don't do justice to the overtones.

              Thank you so much, everyone, Pearlescence, Pareltje, Charlotta, Douglas, Joaz, BWeaves, Multichrome, Jeg, Marianne, Linda.W, Eolian Pearls, Jesskat, Katbran, Lilliefuzzysocks, Lisa C, StarryPearl, SydK, Moneymeister, Happy Huku, for having a look and your kind words!

              Reflecting back to comments on the tin cup thread about only putting 5-7 pearls in a necklace, by designing it yourself, you can add as many pearls as you want!



              SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----