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A Flight of Fancy

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Conch pearls are just the thing for this luxurious golden butterfly presented by Tara Pearls and Rawat Gems. The wings sparkle with flush set gems and embedded conch pearls.

You can see their other Pearls of the Week here.


Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
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A Fistful of little h!

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Feeling the love that emanates from the talented heart of Hisano Shepherd!

Go to Facebook and show her some lurve by like-ing, love-ing and commenting!


Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
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Graduated Dreams

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You may have seen some of the hyper-graduated strands of freshwater Chinese pearls that have been popular this last year. Betty Sue King of King's Ransom has an eye for choosing the most luscious pearls and these colorful metallic strands do not disappoint.

The almost drippy nacre had me fascinated and put me in mind of pastel hard candy.

Betty Sue King, The Pearl Goddess, can be seen at the AGTA trade show in Tucson the first week of February.

Learn more about Betty Sue King at...

Leapin' Lizards!

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Avi Raz has the gift of imagination and the incredible insight to see creatures in baroque pearls that few could conceive, much less conjure.

Here is a lizard with amazing details - multi-colored gold, gemstone eyes and a lovely pearl body. The lifelike texture of the skin makes you want to run your fingers over its bumps.

Front view

And a daintier cousin...

You can see past A&Z Pearls of the Week here, here and here.

Visit the website www.azpearls.com

Blaire Beavers

My Kind of Map

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This lovely golden pearl brooch from Jewelmer is a favorite -- a map of the Philippines!

To see more, visit www.jewelmer.com

Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
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Natural Pearl Explosion

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This "Pearls of the Week" is from Dave LeBlanc. Dave is a researcher and owner-operator of Lagoon Island Pearl Farm near Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

Most natural pearls form from damage to the animal, but some form as a result of illness. Dave postulates that epithelial cells that grow shell nacre may be prolapsed into the inner tissue forming nacre pockets in the body.

This "California mussel" (Mytilus californianus), displays masses of pearls due to autoimmunity from antinuclear...

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