Natural Saltwater Pearls from KC Bell

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Despite their imperfections, these natural saltwater pearls from KC Bell have a luminous quality that captures the viewer. That is why natural pearls almost sell themselves. No one speaks as seductively as nacre!

More captivating still, look at this triple strand.

For pearl lovers, this is what we dream about.

All pearls courtesy of KC Bell
KCB Natural Pearls

Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
Pearl Guide News

Video Treasure Chest of Pearls

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I must share a video clip from Kojima Pearl Company/Pacific Pearls in Tucson this year. Sometimes things are so lovely that you must not keep them to yourself!

First a photo.

And the treasure...

See more delights at:

Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
Pearl Guide News

Robert Wan and Jacques Branellec Receive JNA Lifetime Achievement Awards

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Jewelry News Asia has just released the news: top honors go to two pioneers of the pearling world, Robert Wan and Jacques Branellec. There is no question that these men have devoted their lives to every aspect of pearling, from farming the most beautiful pearls in the world, to the creation of stunning jewelry to showcase their magnificence.

Pearl Guide Salutes Them!

Robert Wan / Jacques Branellec. Photos courtesy of Jewelry News Asia.

Press release:

JNA Awards Honouring Firmin Robert...

Harvest Strand Eye Candy

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Fresh from being seen at the Pearl Guide Ruckus, one of several special harvest strands made by a renowned South Sea pearl producer for

Harvest strands are rope necklaces made up of pearls that are representative of a pearl harvest. This means that there are a lot of interesting shapes and colors. Even better, the necklace is long enough to see while wearing -- and to enjoy fondling!

To see the first one made and appreciate its complexity, click the link to the BLOG...

Souffle' Pearls on the Half Shell

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It's been long enough that it can be easy to forget that brightly colored soufflé and metallic pearls were once a rarity.

Those wild colors and mirror shine come from this hybrid mussel.

Souffle' pearls on the half-shell

And their cousins...

Brightly colored metallics


Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
Pearl Guide News

Is eBay Fraud and Misrepresentation Eroding the Reputation and Value of Saltwater Pearls

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Is eBay Fraud and Misrepresentation Eroding the Reputation and Value of Saltwater Pearls

China has a lot of freshwater cultured pearls that need to be sold and eBay is a great venue for sellers to display their wares. Unfortunately, over time, many sellers have gravitated to using unscrupulous tactics in an effort to compete with each other.

eBay users believe that they are buying real Tahitian, Akoya and South Sea pearls. This hurts honest sellers and devalues the real saltwater pearls...

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