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Milliner aims to get ahead in 'Oscar' hat competition Aug 3 2006

By Deborah James Daily Post Staff


ADORNED with freshwater pearls, crystals and handmade lace, Petra McNulty's flambot hats wouldn't look out of place at Ascot - or in a scene from the 1980s film Mad Max.
Less than two years ago the former architect from Aintree was in a classroom making her first hat after she signed up for the course as a hobby.
Yesterday, Ms McNulty, 41, learned she has made the final of what is widely regarded as the Oscars of the millinery world, the UK Hat Designer of the Year.
She is one of five shortlisted for the 2006 accolade, which will be presented by Dior designer Stephen Jones at the Olympia exhibition hall in London.
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Hi Caitlin,

Looking at the picture, I can only say, don't wear hats like that while driving. It has also been so far my understanding of the meaning of the word "hat" that it is to at least cover part of the crown of your head. Otherwise eyeglasses would also qualify as hats (most certainly some of Elton John's would and I don't mean the toup?). Now I have to go and search for my prescription "hat" to take a closer look.

More properly, considering the lack of coverage on the crown, it may be described as a thong for the head. with veil. If you thinkiof it as a hatless veil, it ain't that creative. Actually, I thought the lace was plastic bubble wrap when I first saw it.

I like that idea; I'd rather make a parasol from plastic bubble wrap with colorful CFWP imbedded in the bubbles......and a fringe of mixed glass seed beads and pearls around the edge.
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