What will they think of next?


Cam Hatch

Well, we've all seen the stilletoes, the bikinis, the handbags and the dresses....all adorned with pearls.

I'm sure a lot of you have seen previous winners of the Tahitian Pearl Trophy but I was looking in some archives today and found a mobile phone, but this isn't any old mobile phone....


Sorry, it's in Hungarian but I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves.

Thought this might be a good thread to start about the weird and wonderful things you can do with pearls :)

Anyone have any additions?
That is a great idea. I would like to see a couple of different executions of the idea though- that one is a bit too clunky, but I love the idea of holding a little clam or oyster shaped phone in my hand....
And with mother of pearl buttons, don't forget about those.
Hi Caitlin,

Nice, but who wants to have a baby Jesus cell phone? Particularly one made for an Inca (that would be Atahualpa) and having prior use as a Christmas tree ornament in a convent. Anyway, I don't think Atahualpa was known for his cell phone use or baby Jesus ornaments. If I am not mistaken, he was primarily known for having been deposed and killed and the Inca monarchy being destroyed by conquistadors during his reign.

cam said:
Thought this might be a good thread to start about the weird and wonderful things you can do with pearls :)

Anyone have any additions?

But hey, maybe this is the baby Jesus anti-phone: as an old friend from the family dog once made into his logo, "May the baby Jesus shut my mouth and open my mind"
Sorry Pearltime, that site is blocked in the UAE, but the address doesn't leave much to the imagination!

Zeide...I'm not sure the idea was to have a baby Jesus cell phone, or for this thread to be of different cell phones, in different shapes, made of pearls. The idea was simply to post interesting things that have been made of pearls.
Hi Camille,

In case you are not familiar with the practice, I was lampooning alleged nuns selling church property on eBay with questionable stories.

This isn't bad.

Hi Pearltime,

The bracelet is just in time for the showing of Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest.

I'll only wear it on holloween.
I like that bracelet, I'd wear it - although the color of those pearls is not my favorite.
Hi Zeide
After a moment of confusion, because my cookie support is turned on, I erased all the address except the artisan du chocolat part aand went to the home page- where upon, I was greeted with a necklace made of pearls of white something, stuffed with gooey black chocolate. This must be the page you meant?

Now there is white chocolate that can win friends, huh? Or what is that coting?
You get to pick South Sea, Tahitian or assorted- fantastic!
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Hi Caitlin,

This company uses fine ganache truffle mass coated in premium chocolate and covered in a mixture of sugar and pearl dust. They offer cream white South Sea, black Tahitian, and multi color. The cream whites have a thin coating of white chocolate over the truffle mass, but the filling justifies it and the coating is very thin.

Hi Zeide
Happy Birthday next Saturday. I want to send you some of these. Anyone want to join me? Think they will be as good as your Domori? I could send you a jar of Nutella, if you'd prefer.... (joke!:p )

I was just looking at the "pearls everyone can enjoy" thread and saw Ashby wanted to make some chocolate pearls......Calling Ash! Here they are!
Hi Caitlin,

Thank you for the thought but as somebody from Tuscon you will probably understand that there are certain places in the world where at least the shipping of chocolate is seasonal. Any chocolate item exposed to Fresno outside temperatures for more that 10 consecutive seconds will not just melt but evaporate, especially because our mail and UPS service is in the late afternoon and recently we had up to 135?F on our patio in the late afternoon. Even the dry ice expands so fast that the dry ice pack in a chocolate shipment I received a few days ago simply exploded on the way from the DHL car to our front door. I am highly partial to unbirthday presents of chocolate between November and April, though.

Hi Zeide
OK- so it's the Nutella for you until November! I had already had that thought of melting Chocolate:eek: .
I like gummy candy, but I don't like the artificial colors and flavors. I bought a bag of Mango gummies in the Malaysian airport last February. It was natural mango juice and not dyed. Best gummies, ever. And now I wanted more. Silly me, I ordered some gummy candy last April, and it was melted before we got it home. Chocolate would be even worse, because it isn't in sealed plastic bags like gummies are! :D .
Unbirthday presents.....I like that idea! :)

I know what you mean about temperature and chocolate. It's been around 115-120F here for about three weeks with 60-70% humidity. Another two months and it might be nice enough to have a meal outside again, let alone trying to get chocolate home from the grocery store without it turning into a milkshake.