Updating my strand


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Sep 7, 2010
I had one Akoya strand, baroque and very pretty except I have never really been comfortable with it being bleached and pinked. I know it's common practice but it feels wrong to me.

So I've been eyeing untreated white strands except they are Hanadama quality with a price tag to match. I ended up contacting Cees (based in the EU helps keep cost down) and he found me a 9-9.5 mm untreated white that isn't quite Hanadama quality but also a lot more approachable!

Funny thing is I can barely see the difference between the two strands when they lie on the table (the pinked baroque is the one strung and with a clasp) but on my arm there is a big difference (baroque closest to my hand). I have reddish toned skin so pinked was never a good idea to start with.

My plan now is to wire the baroque with base metal like the one in the pic with the cheap Tahitians (I like contrast) and wait for my new clasp in oxidized silver with black crystals so I can string the new one.

- Karin


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I like your new akoyas. Are you going to wirewrap them with silver? I wirewrapped some white south sea pearls with silver wire (well also a silver caffeine molecule connector) and they look stunning together.
I also prefer natural color in pearls. Pinked akoyas are not my thing, well I don't much like pink at all.
I bet your new tincup will look gorgeous.
You have huge Akoyas, Karin. I like your new natural color strand. The pearls look very round and lustrous.
I have some gold colored base metal that tarnish in a wonderfully rock'n'roll sort of way :) I used it for the necklace with the wired Tahitians in the picture and will use it for the pinked Akoyas too. I wouldn't have bought that strand if I had thought about it (some years back) but I can't really return from Europe to the US and now I get the chance to wire an otherwise nice strand with tarnished gold.

The new strand will replace the pinked one as the 'real' necklace.
I think that they will look great with that wire. It will give the pearls an edge. And you get a new best white strand