Three Strand Seed Pearl Necklace on Ebay


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Jun 5, 2013


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You don't need to knot I think. They look very nice.
Hello CharmedOne,

They are certainly natural little pearls and as Ramona said there is no need to knot all. Just knot the last 3 pearls so make sure those have drill holes that are big enough, ream them out or get them re-drilled a little large, just the end pearls.

It is a good price and they are well worth it. Even if you take your time getting working on it. I think you could use either a fine silk or even better and stronger a 9 lb. breaking strength power pro beading thread. As long as you finish well they will be safe.

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Those are really pretty!
Thank you for sharing, CharmedOne! They are so sweet, I love them too!
Thank You! I did consider purchasing them but my hands aren't quite that steady. So I thought I would see if anyone else would be interested. Plus you can make an offer :)