Tahitian Love

My strands arrived today! I had them sent on the temp strands because I wasn’t sure what length I wanted them to be. The lighting wasn’t so great by the time I finished knotting them so I couldn’t take finished pictures of both strands. I love this very light silver strand. Here it is on the temp strand. I knotted it, but I decided I really wanted a rope of these. There are no longer any other light strands available, but there were a couple bracelets, so I ordered those to see if they might match enough to make a rope. If not, I’ll just use one to attach as an extender.

I cannot capture the color of this copper strand. There’s a section that has very strong peacock overtones. I used fig Beader’s Secret to knot these. Pattye is so quick with her shipping that I had the thread and new needles ready to go.


That copper necklace is gorgeous. Fabulous colors.

I was eyeing that light silver bracelet with the beautiful almost golden drop shapes. I saw it disappeared a little while ago. Thanks for taking away the temptation. I’ll be interested in how you use those pearls.

I’m still waiting for the Tahitian drop strand in the Tahitian Love sale banner hit the sale. It is a beauty.
Congratulations Jeg ... those are 2 incredibly lovely Tahitian strands! The silver is luminous, and the copper grabs my heart ... an impossible color to describe :)
Thanks so much, Red, Pareltje, Charlotta, and CathyKeshi!!

I took more photos this morning. Always have difficulty with Tahitians, but did my best...
Side by side. Light silver and copper strand-



Light silver strand compared to my Silver rope from Kojima-

I’m adding some neck shots to the Show Us thread- here is one of them-
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Beautiful strands and wonderful colors, jeg.

Thank you for the nice comments, jeg, Marianne, Charlotta, CathyKeshi, pattye, Katbran, and JerseyPearl.

My rope arrived this afternoon. I adore the color. This beauty is delightful. I'll try to capture some of the sweet color. There are definitely some slight green overtones, but the silvery body color means they look nice with my light blue shirt.



I pulled out my green body peacock Tahitians to see the difference between strands. I'll be enjoying this new rope a lot this winter.


Jeg, your new strands are perfect! The copper looks amazing; hope I get to view it in person one of these days! I'm a huge fan of the light silvers, too, they have such depth, sometimes even looking lavender. (I treasure my small collection of Kamoka light silvers.)
Oh, Red, those silvery blues are stunning! You will get so much wear out of those - they’ll go with everything.
Thanks for showing the comparison shot of the green and silver body colors. Your pearls are gorgeous, Red!
Your new rope is gorgeous red, it's such a perfect color for everything really. It goes with all kinds of outfits.
Thank you Katbran, pattye, SydK, Marianne, and Charlotta.

I took a few more Tahitian pearl color comparison shots today.

First up, showing the dramatic difference in color between my white Tahitians and the new blue-gray rope.


Next I added the green body peacock strand from yesterday along with my darkest Tahitian strand of aubergine pearls. Somehow, I got the overtones to pop on the second shot, a rarity for me here in my locale.


I got my strand yesterday. When I opened it I wasn't too sure about it, but I learned a long time ago that first impressions are usually not the most important with pearls. Once I saw them on I loved them. I don't have anyone here with me right now to take a good picture of them on, but here's at the very least a picture of them on their own. These just don't photograph like they look in real life. I've tried everything. They are much much lighter than they appear in the picture. Very nice silvery blue.


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Ooh, Red, your new blue-grey rope is divine; love those little hints of purples on the last photo! I'm so glad you got what you wanted, and it's just incredibly perfect for you and your wardrobe :) Those comparison shots are so so helpful as well. Wear in good health and joy!
Red - the rope is stunning. That's what I originally wanted but nothing was a match for my strand. Wear it in good health!

Jeg - really loving the light silver strand. I'm just on a silver kick lately and those definitely do the trick. The copper ones grabbed my attention, too. I think those are perfection for fall!