SSP necklace - value buy?

Your SS necklace is GORGEOUS! would love to see a neck shot please! Love the Tahitian earrings too - what's the size and?
Thanks again for your generous compliments, really making me feel better about spending all the money! ;)

The earrings are ~10.5mm and I think that's about as big as my ear lobes can handle. They'd droop and look like they're falling off my ear lobe if not for the plastic disc the sales staff gave me as a backing..
and yup, it was that brilliant green colour that caught my eye!

Adeline, I'm from Singapore!

Ok here's a neck shot..again with my iphone. Still trying to get good shots with my camera and I promise I'll post more pics!

loose pearls
The necklace looks absolutely lovely, nice buy. It really suits your skin colouring.
I knew you were :) It was the clean prose and the good taste that nailed it. Hello there, am in the north-east, near-ish to the small airport with the private planes.

Looking at your pic, I stand by my guns. White on yellow skin (not derogatory, it's just our kind of skin) is spectacular. Fabulous buy. Congrats! And don't let those who don't know better make you feel guilty as you wear them.

And will you look at what Jeremy wrote. Love the science/ knowkedge behind the beauty.
That is as beautiful a SS necklace as I have ever seen. I think the slightly smaller pearls have more luster or luminescence or whatever that quality is. Abway it looks great in color and size, on you! Wear it often!!!
Looovely! Really nice buy. It suits you perfectly. Wear it in good health!
Absolutely stunning necklace

and the earrings are very beautiful too

thanks for posting them
Yes Perlinda I do think it was a good price too!

I'm glad that you guys like the pearls, I'm sure they're feeling all the lurrrve! =)

My online purchases should be coming in soon, so I'll be posting more pics...
From looking at the pictures and the description you have given, you seem to be getting a good deal for $4000. Enjoy them!