Show us your bracelets collection.

I finally have some bracelets to share. It appears that I only like pearl bracelets on me if they are somewhat chunky, that's funny because usually I prefer smaller (8-11 mm pearls) for necklaces. Well I have some exceptions, I love that new big circled golden south sea strand I just bought from Wendy, I have worn that a lot. Anyway, I have been tweeking these five bracelets, adding or changing out pearls for a while and I think that they are perfect, for me, now. First an ombre golden to white circled south sea bracelet to go with my new ombre golden to white circled south sea strand that I recently made. I love this bracelet and I can use it to make the strand a rope if I want to.
With my circled golden to white south sea strand and my deep golden south sea studs from Pearlescence.
Then I made a circled deep golden south sea bracelet, probably my favorite one. I bought three circled south sea strands from Pearlescence to make the ombre strand, and luckily got some pearls to play with when it was done.
With my deep golden south sea studs from Pearlescence.
I also made a white one.
I made these three 8,5 inches so that they sit nicely on my wrist. I also made a circled peacock tahitian and white south sea bracelet, the tahitians are from Druzydesign, don't remember where I got the white ones from.
With my peacock tahitian studs from Pearlescence.
Last week I made a ombre tahitian and south sea rope with leftover pearls that turned out really great. I made a matching bracelet for that as well. Not as chunky as the other ones.
With the ombre rope.
I am very pleased with my new bracelets. It would be nice with a chunky tahitian bracelet and a rainbow one as well. Some day. How is it that when I use my leftover pearls, and also do cut apart strands I don't use or love, that I end up with more leftover pearls? Not always pearls that I know what to do with. Well inspiration might strike, at the oddest moments.
3085513A-F3DC-48CF-9B59-F26636E2176A.jpgBeautiful new bracelets Charlotta!
I am happy you revived this thread, I missed it before and now I can admire so many beautiful bracelets. Love the colors on all of these...
Here are some of mine that get the most wear.D71CF12C-5547-4C6E-BBBC-0E3C7A725F0E.jpg
I made some more bracelets. I had five big circled golden south sea pearls left from the strands I bought from Wendy. Lovely pearls. I tried to add some light circled golden south sea pearls, but it didn't look right, I tried to combine them with some big white south pearls, but didn't like that either, the white pearls were too flawed. Then I adderad them to strand of vintage graduated golden akoyas. The colors were great together, but it didn't look right either. Now I have combine them with some greenish south sea pearls. Am ombre from golden to green sort of. I like this combination best so far.
With my green south sea studs from Pearlescence.
I also took the best tahitian pearls from that really dark strand i bought from Wenpearls last year.
With some baroque blue south sea studs from Pearlescence.
I also took the best pearls from a light golden south sea strand to make another bracelet.
Finally I made another white south sea bracelet, with pearls from Pearlescence. These pearls are much smaller than on the other bracelets, about 8-9mm.
Very dainty.
I thought that I took some photos of them all, but forgot the dark tahitian one.
I still want a bracelet to go with my rainbow strand, but I don't know when that will be possible to do.
So creative and beautiful, Charlotta. I love your sense of color and balance. You’re totally ready for an arm party anytime!
Thank you multicrome, I am ready for an arm party as soon as I don't have to wash and sanatize ny hands 100 times a day. So for now only at home.
Some of my bracelets. I made the wire wrapped Tahitian bracelet, and I restrung the vintage bracelet with the gold beads. The others are from PP. Love them all!






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Beautiful bracelets! I only have a Tahitian from Wen on etsy, I think the pearl quality is great for the price!tbracelet.jpg
Your bracelets are lovely multichrome.
It's a very pretty bracelet azra, my darkest bracelet is made with pearls from Wen pearls as well.
Thanks Charlotta and Bweaves, it used to be a lovely bracelet - unfortunately the elastic chord it was on broke soon after this picture was taken. Fortunately no pearl was lost, but I am still getting around having it repaired - I usually prefer the look of elastic bracelets, but after this incident I am now considering getting it strung with a clasp, as I am afraid the holes might be too small to string it on a safer elastic chord
azra, I like elastic bracelet as well for practical reasons. How ever I always knots them and add clasps, more secure that way.
I did make another bracelet. After converting my silver tahitians into a blue and silver ombre waverope I used the two biggest silver tahitian pearls to, that had some golden shades in them and made a bracelet with some greenish golden south sea pearls and another silver tahitian pearl that I found in my stash.
They look great together with my light golden circled south sea bracelet.
They can be transformed into a strand with the nifty clasp. I probably would use them more if I put them on stretch tread, but then the knot comes undone. Wendy have given me some advise so I will try that. As a strand with two other bracelets.