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Recently Inherited... ???


New member
Hi all! Have a fair amount of pearls and would love any insight into what they might be and the best way to go about selling some of them... Thx!


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Pearl Scholar
Hi Boomdozer,

That's quite a collection you have! Was the person you inherited these from a jewelry artisan herself? Most pieces have that one-of-a-kind look!

All these pearls appear to be cultured freshwater pearls from China. There don't appear to be any karat gold clasps in the lot. Have you checked the clasps closely for any markings?
The cameo is interesting, but I'm unable to tell much about it from the photo.

Some of the pearls have been nucleated with a bead; they are called "fireballs," have a bulbous part and a "tail."

Necklace 8 (?) has natural color drop pearls, drilled through the tip, sometimes called dancing pearls because of how they alternate when strung.

The necklace 9 (?) has large thin baroque pearls, which appear to have a pretty iridescence and might have the highest resale value between these strands.

That said, as Chinese cultured freshwater pearls of medium quality, these would only have a modest value; none appear to be Akoya, South Sea or Tahitians which could likely bring a higher resale price.

Just my opinion, of course. I hope others will chime in!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
How large are the ones with "fins"? If small they could be baroque akoyas instead of fireballs. I have some that look like that.