Purple Haze



In Mexico we have a saying: "El que mucho se despide es que no quiere irse"...loosely translated into: "Whomever says too many goodbyes, does not really want to leave at all.".
That seems to be my case...just wanted to do a bit of a final sharing...
the unique "Purple Pearls"...not like the "purplish" Quahog or Mussel pearls...a unique "Purple Haze" (the colors being perplexing enough to make Jimmy Hendrix produce the song with that very same name...trust me on this ;) ).


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And a few more...

Ahora s?...nos vemos!


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Ay Dios Mio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want them.


Ok, ok- Please?

Lol- seriously, those are some very impressive pearls! And in a suite no less! I think you are probably the coolest farmer EVER!

Did you specifically select donor tissue from a deep purple mantle in order to acheive those colors? How big are they? The luster is fantastic! How long were these beauties left in the water? They remind me almost of Lavender Freshwater pearls that take on that metallic cast, but these are SO much better! I want to ask a million questions!
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Preciosas, Douglas !!! Gracias por mostrarlas !
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