Purple fade

I was doing a bit of purple fade googling and found this old thread.

I bought this pearl from Kojima a couple of years ago.

I remember thinking the pearl was paler than the glamour shot. It's definitely a pale mauve with a green overtone. Still a very pretty pearl, but not deep purple. It's a very, very shiny pearl. You can see me squatting to take the photo, my phone, and my entire bathroom in the reflection.

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So my actual question was going to be: Has anyone else bought purple pearls that faded?
The reason why some fade and some don't is probably that some are dyed and some aren't (GIA analysis). Now ask me which fade???o_O:unsure:
Yeah, from what I read online, I couldn't get a good handle on whether it was the dyed ones that faded or the natural colored ones.
One should take a photo of the pearl and store it. Our memory is usually tricked. I remember a certain pearl being more purple and when I look at the photo I go: Oh! It's just as purple!
I mean, each pearl is an individual...so each one can change differently. But that was my experience with Cortez Purples: they did not change, even after 10+ years.