Please help with ID


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Aug 21, 2023
I have a string of pearls and I have no idea of the dating or value if any other then sentimental
value of course. Does anyone know what these are? When they woulda been put together? And what value I should expect if I decide to sell or insure them? Thank you so much in advance for your help.


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Photos are not that good to judge them fairly...but I believe those are Akoya pearls, lower quality or quite dirty so the luster cannot be appreciated properly.
I would give them a nice bath to see if they improve their appearance. Let's see more members chiming in!
Yes, please give them a bath (in mild soapy water, wipe clean with a soft cloth, then rinse, then allow to dry on a towel) and then take a few more photos.

Here is a simple test to do once they are clean: gently rub one of the pearls on the edge of your front tooth, or gently rub 2 of the pearls together. Real pearls will feel a bit gritty; imitation pearls will glide smoothly. But do clean them first.