Pearls on Madam Secretary!


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Jun 22, 2013
I love this show for so many reasons, but in addition to brilliant writing and acting, Bebe Neuwirth's character is obviously styled by a pearl-lover. I've seen her wear Tahitian strands, what looked like a Gellner strand (tahitians with I think black spinel), and in the episode I'm watching now she has a short wire-wrapped strand of metallic peaches layered with a matching pendant on a gold chain. And in each episode she features a piece with it styled differently on each day of the episode - long strand worn long, then worn tied, then worn tripled around her neck. It's so cool to see so many great pearl looks. And her fair complexion really sets off the dark pearls (she hasn't worn white pearls that I've noticed).
I love seeing what pearls she's wearing during each episode! Are they her personal pearls, I wonder?
No idea! But flipping through some of her photos from premieres on IMDB, I recognized a couple of necklaces she wore on the show. So, maybe some of them are? If so, she has a really impressive Tahitian collection <3
I'll try to link some eye candy here: This came up on instagram, Suzanne Einstein is the designer:
Looks like a Tahitian harvest strand:
Man there aren't enough screenshots of her gorgeous pearls online! I'm going to have to start taking pictures when I watch, her collection is incredible.
I agree, battah. My favorite show for so many reasons!
Yes! As an American of Arab descent myself, I love how much thought they put into their storylines and characters. So, so good.
This thread is perfect timing! I just started binge watching Madam Secretary on Netflix and I noticed Bebe Neuwirth wearing a Tahitian strand at the beginning of S2, eps 3. I also love Tea Leoni's pearl drop earrings! Great show!
When this show is on everything in my house comes to a stand still. I confess I did not notice the pearls at first (not like I did on the Good Wife), but I love Bebe Neuwirth. The show is really good for so many reasons. (Now I will start to pay more attention to the pearls, and thanks for the designer's name) For those that are curious she also has a tumblr page:

suzanne einstein collection
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BPDDC, no problem! I hadn't heard of Suzanne Einstein before, I like her pieces.