Pearls... For Babies!


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Aug 12, 2004
Matt Damon's new little girl Isabella recently received Tiffany's classic Lulu pearl bracelet with pink pearls, fitting as pearls are her June birthstone. Big sister Alexa also received the pearls in white.

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I thought this was a little ridiculous at first, but I did some hunting and the bracelets are priced under $50, at that price I think its actually kind of a cute idea.
I think it is very cute as long as it is within reason. Safety should always be taken into consideration with babies. For instance, I'm assuming the pearls are strung on silk and if the pearls were to break (not hard with babies tugging on the bracelet), it wouldn't be hard for the baby to get a hold of the pearls and put them in her mouth or nose. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it.
I was thinking little ladies such as 4 or 5 yer olds they try so hard when you tellthem pearls are precious not to let anyting happen to them!