New ring designs: I am charmed!


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Nov 28, 2007
Hi everybody,

This is to share with you my big excitement of yesterday. I was meeting a goldsmith to change the locks on my (still not exactly identified but rather Tahitian) mabes. This is a young man, who graduated in Antwerpen a couple of years ago and now is an independent designer and a goldsmith with very fresh and challenging ideas. Many of his designs include pearls. Of course, I was not able to resist and left with a gorgeous necklace, weak woman... But I also had a great time studying and trying on different interesting things, soooo exquisitely made. I am putting a couple of photos below, aren't they extraordinary? - really done with fantasy and love!

This is just such a contrast to the average quality of pearl collections in Dutch and generally many European jewelry stores (which sell a lot of quite blemished, off-round and still very expensive pearls, not only but often... don't understand why...).

Here are the photos. The first ring is especially beautiful, it has a cahrming FW baroque (I guess it is FW) and white, champaine and black diamonds. So exquisite!



:eek: I wish I was a goldsmith... That first piece is just gorgeous- very avant garde

Thank you for sharing!!
Nicely done! If your necklace has pearls, we want to see it also!

so many pearls, so little time
Wow, I'd love to see some clasps by this designer . . . must be stunning!