need help


May 10, 2010
hi im new and am looking to buy a pearl ring for grandaughter, found pearls international australia, are they a good company to buy from? can anyone help on this subject
thank you
need help

i just googled pacific pearls international australia they give a lot of info on pearls but im a novice so i still dont know


yes am in australia was looking at style No R12 or R14 but need size 6

This ring?

Style no: R14
10.8-11mm AAA Quality Australia south sea Pearl Ring Set in 18K (750) White Gold .
AU Size: Q USA Size:8
Ring Diameter(mm) 18.19mm
(inch) .716
63.37% US$601

I don't know this business at all. You can pay with Paypal which gives you a little protection. I didn't see anything like the equivalent of a better Business Bureau or any other organization in its ads.

Maybe someone else on this forum has a clue. They seem to be a discount kind of place that sells a lot more than pearls.
Hello Joy and welcome to the forum. I'm in Australia and have purchased from Pacific Pearls International (in Sydney). They sell on ebay and I bought some freshwater necklaces from them a few years ago. I now know that these pearls were much lower grade than advertised :( but I was a novice then.
I have no knowledge of the quality of their South Sea pearls but based on the pic and details of the ring you're interested in I think you can do much better.
I urge you to contact Nerida and discuss your requirements for this very special purchase :)
All the best,