Need help finding engagement ring


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Jan 6, 2013
I'm looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend, and I know exactly what I have in mind, but I'm having trouble finding it anywhere.

I'm looking for something fairly modest... Pearl on the smaller side probably 8mm or less, singular small diamond set on either side and a simple band.

Something like this, only with a white gold band:

The only place I've been able to find anything similar to this is at American Pearl which I've heard some bad reviews on and plus it is an akoya pearl which I've heard isn't so good for a ring that will be worn all the time.

Can anyone help me out with finding this or point me toward someone who can make it custom? I'm in college, so my budget is very tight, so the lower the cost the better. And don't worry about what she wants... This is all to her specifications, so I'm not going into this only hoping I'll get one she'll like.
Hi there. I don't recall hearing anything either way about American Pearl myself, but a freshwater pearl is nacre all the way though and would therefore wear better. As it sounds like you know, an akoya is a bead coated in nacre. The nacre can wear off and the pearl need replacing after awhile. That's not necessarily a deal-killer, but definitely something to be aware of. Many of the ladies I know feel the urge to upgrade later on anyway, as income rises. Something to be aware of with a freshwater pearl is that because it doesn't start with that round bead, if it doesn't specifically state that it's round, it may be more button-shaped.

For an engagement ring, you might want one with a straight band so the wedding band fits against it snugly. That way it looks like a set and feels comfortable on the finger. It looks like the two settings you had pictured aren't straight but round out underneath the pearl, so just wanted to mention it.

Here's a nice round one with a straight edge (if that matters to you):

That's the least expensive freshwater "straight edge" ring I found in a quick search, but it's still a chunk higher in cost than the one you listed. Gold is so high these days that if your budget is very tight you may want to try ebay,, the discount stores, or materials substitution: sterling silver, CZ, faux pearl (having it custom made would probably be more expensive). My first wedding set was CZs, a smart choice at the time and something to look forward to for an anniversary later on.

Good luck with it. Show us what you get!
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Those all look really nice, and basically what I'm looking for, but would any of those vendors be able to substitute the pearl for a smaller one like I specified in my first post? Or would I have to find someone to do it custom for me?
Diamonds tend to be the traditional engagement ring choice, because they are enduring, and match everything.