My pearls

I forgot the photos of my new earrings with the ombre tahitian and south sea rope and bracelet. Very useful earrings.
And they do look great with my golden south sea ripple rope. Usually that rope only looks good with deep tahitian earrings.
Funny that the golden ripples look so good with my aubergine tahitian studs or the peacock ones.
Beautiful pearl creations Charlotta. The new earrings are very pretty. I think the ripple and circle pearls are so interesting with their colors and textures.
Thank you Gemandpearllover, I agree the circled and rippled pearls are so interesting. The uneveness plays with the light and they often have lots of colors and different overtones in them. The big golden circled strand has some green and blue in it, and all those quirky shapes. I can just stare at all the different pearls forever, well a while at least. And the rippled golden south sea rope is stunning with dark tahitians for example, I could never have guess it if I hadn't put it next to the ombre tahitian rope when I was taking photos. Sometimes I try out new combinations, often my golden south sea pearls looks harsh against my multicolored tahitians for example. And sometimes I get surprised. These three strands looks great together, blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence, white south sea strand and silver tahitian strand from Cees.
The golden rippled south sea rope from Pearlescence and ombre tahitian rope from Cees.
With the aubergine tahitian studs from Oceanscove as well.
Today I combined my deep golden south sea strand from Cees with my big multicolored tahitian strand from Pearlescence, to much contrast.
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I love the blues and silvers together. And wonderful pics of your new earrings
What a lovely display of your pearls! The colors and combinations make me very happy. I need to get some of those clasps;I have them favorited on Etsy. Time to go for it. They look great with everything, but I especially ove them with the circled Tahitians, which I had not thought of. Wear them all in good health!
Thank you Bweaves, SydK and multichrome. The blue akd silver tahitians are gorgeous together. I am thinking about combining the silver strand with the small blue collinsstrand, I think that they would look awsome together. Like an ombre strand or a wavestrand, I haven't decided yet. If I don't like it I can always remake them again. I'm not touching my bigger blue tahitian strand though, that is one of my favorites.
I wore them together today and I think that they would look better combined somehow.
The colors look great together. A wave strand would be very interesting.
Thank you Bweaves and Pattye. The wavestrand idea didn't quite work out. I made an endless ombre strand yesterday, but I will rework it with a clasp so that I can add a pendant or enhancer. Or maybe a random placement..
I did make a ombre waverope after all. I am rather pleased with how it turned out. I added a clasp even though it's 33,5 inches long, it's easier to add a pendant or enhancer then. It's perfect with my big circled tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety. The photos are kind of crappy, I take some better next week. I used beaders secret in teal on this one.
help! Any info would be useful.

help! Any info would be useful.

I'm just new to this forum and hoping that my downloads worked. If they did, can anyone tell me about my necklace and earrings. Thank you
The necklace is about 21 inches long (clasp reads 14K). The earrings: I'm not even sure that they are pearls; bought them at a thrift store.
Welcome Ojoj!

The earrings look like mother of pearl (shell rather than pearls) and the necklace is cultured freshwater "rice krispie" pearls from China, which were common in the 1970s to early 1990s. They are solid nacre. These date back to when gold was not so expensive! A nice find, and fun to wear.
Thank you for the info. So the earrings were carved from a shell? Is that how it would have been done? When I bought them, I thought they were plastic until I got them home. I like the style of the earrings.
I paid $10 for the necklace (was that too much?)
Definitely not too much! The earring beads were probably worked by machine rather than by hand.
Today I suddenly wanted to make a golden pearl tassel, I have some golden akoya pearls from a vintage triple strand, but no tasselcaps in gold... I ordered a birdcage cap from beadsfeeder on etsy but it might take forever to reach sweden. I made a small one using half of a clasp, but I probably remakes it when the tasselcaps arrive.
I don't know why I never thought of a golden tassel before.