My first purchase - Kojima Pearls


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Apr 13, 2016
These are my first pearls, purchased recently from Kojima pearls. I have always admired and loved pearls, but needed to educate myself and this forum has been a total Godsend! Between PearlGuide and Pricescope, it made me more comfortable making my purchase through an online retailer that has been vouched for by the community. As promised to other forum members, here are some neck shots. It has been uncommonly overcast/rainy this past weekend and I’d been trying to take the pics in better lighting but I was getting a bit impatient. The photos are taken by a window, natural light, completely cloudy day.

The first item is the Grace rope. It is a mixture of FWP, SoC, Tahitians, SSG and Akoyas and measures 54”.

Photo on 5-9-16 at 2.33 PM.jpg
Photo on 5-9-16 at 2.34 PM #2.jpg
Photo on 5-9-16 at 2.34 PM #3.jpg

Second Item is the falling leaves earrings, with gold south sea baroques and green stones [which type I completely forgot]. I am getting my ears pierced this week, hence why the earring does not look put on right. They shine quite a bit in the sun and are not too heavy.

Photo on 5-9-16 at 2.36 PM.jpg
Photo on 5-9-16 at 2.36 PM #3.jpg
Screenshot 2016-04-27 13.19.45.jpg
I will be wearing the earrings for my wedding, but still considering if I should wear the necklace as well, the dress is a champagne color, sweetheart neckline. It should be arriving tomorrow.

Any suggestions and or inputs are more than welcome, especially as to which specific type of pearl in the picture looks better with my skin tone [for future purchases =) !]


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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Love your new purchases from Sarah, her earring designs are fabulous, and the grace rope is fun but thoughtfully put together. I think the earrings will look wonderful with a champagne coloured wedding dress, as to the rope it depends on your personal style. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you have received the dress.
Mermaid, I've been traveling and just returned home, and wanted to add my welcome to the forum! I just adore Sarah and her designs, and that Grace necklace is mermaid's treasure for sure :) If Sarah wasn't already working on another project for me ... Both pieces you got are gorgeous, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!
I love those! When you jump in, you go head first! They look fantastic on you. I am a huge fan of multi color necklaces, and yours takes it to a whole new level! Very cool, and it will go with everything. Those earrings are spectacular as well. You asked earlier about wearing the earrings and necklace with your wedding dress: I would wear the earrings only...seeing them on you, they are framing your face beautifully.

Great stuff and thanks so much for sharing!
Welcome and great first purchases! Congrats on your upcoming wedding too! I think the earrings with your dress will look great. Do let us know how you decide on the accessories in the end. Congrats again!
Thank you,thank you,thank you for sharing your new pearls ESP. the Grace rope. I've been admiring and adoring since I saw it on Sarah's site and was a bit relieved that someone one else bought it (So I didn't have to,LOL). I love pearl ombre and i think that one is special since it has many different types of pearls in it. Sarah is so great at putting a mixed necklace together.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding. And I'm so happy you bought the grace rope. I admired it and wondered how it'll look on the neck. Clearly it looks amazing on you.
I would go with the earrings. Would look real nice with your sweetheart line.
Happy planning for the wedding.
OOOOO, The Grace Rope and the earrings look amazing on you. I have to confess, I thought about buying that necklace and earrings for a long time, but never did. I think the earrings will look amazing with your wedding dress. The necklace you'll have to try on with the dress and decide if it adds or pulls focus from the rest of the look. But the necklace will look good with so many different outfits. Wear them all in the best of health!!!
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Both of your new pieces from Sarah are gorgeous. The earrings should look great with your wedding dress. The Grace strand is amazing, but it may draw too much attention to wear with your wedding dress -- depending on your personal style.
WOW! So glad I found this thread. That Grace strand from Kojima is just beautiful on you. I love the earrings with it also.
What wonderful pearly purchases, you look gorgeous and exotic in them!! And they will have a special meaning always having been worn at your wedding. Thanks for sharing!

I, too, wonder why some posts don't show up as unread and we miss them completely. :confused:
What a fabulous way to enter the pearl world! Both pieces are gorgeous and impressive and you get a little bit of everything! Congrats on all the new things entering your life- your wedding, the ear piercing, the dress, and of course the pearls! I would probably say to wear just the earrings with your wedding dress, too.