Man deciding on wether to go with Pearl Paradise white, lavender, or multicolor


Apr 17, 2022
Hello there! I love the way pearls look and would like to get a freshwater pearl necklace for myself. I was wondering what pearl necklace would possibly look best on me. My skin is light brown and I lean towards either white or multicolor from Pearl Paradise. The multicolored one has white, pink, and lavender pearls. Thank you!
Well, your skin color would look great with both I think!. I guess that if you wanted to draw more attention you could go after the one that "stands out" best against your skin and I guess that one would be the white one.
Probably not the best advise but if I get confused I just get both

I think that’s the beauty of pearls, I think any would fit everyone. I’ve never yet found a pearl that I thought ‘oh won’t look good on me’. Everything suits
I'm inclined to think that cream colored pearls would look great on your skin tone.

Also, have you considered Tahitians, or golden south sea pearls? These would cost considerably more but I think they'd be fabulous on your skin.
I agree with Pearl Dreams in that cream and golden colored pearls look superb on light brown and tanned skin colors.
And I do have to agree with Heart too: getting both means you don't have to worry about losing out ;)
Yes I have considered Tahitians. Golden south sea pearls and Tahitians would look amazing! I would actually choose Tahitians over multicolor or white. However, my budget is below $250 because I am currently in college haha.
That would be a great idea to get both because you could match them to different outfits or what you prefer on that day.
Yes golden colored pearls or Tahitians would look amazing compared to white or multicolored! Maybe I will get one of those after I graduate because right now my budget is below $250 haha.
White pearls can be silver white, rosy pink, or creamy. Actually, any color would look good on you. It's just whatever you like. PP will allow you to order, try on and return, so do that.
You can call Pearl Paradise and explain the color you prefer. They can select creamier white pearls for you.
I believe that Pearl Paradise has an online experience you can use to see the items and someone can wear them (hopefully with a similar skin tone) and you can get a better idea of how the necklace will look like on you. I would give it a shot...might be just what you are looking for.
Wow no way. I did not know Pearl Paradise had other tones in white. That is awesome! I guess it is not on their website and I would have to ask them for some photos. Thank you all so much for your help. I really appreciate it!
Seriously, they have a great return policy. Talk to them, get photos, and then order a few strands to try on and compare. Then send back what doesn't suit you.
I read the return policy and that is good to know! Thank you. I received photos of the regular white and multicolor yesterday. They were both beautiful but I didn't expect the multicolor to be that beautiful. The images on the website do not do it justice haha. I will have to ask for cream white and sliver white photos.
Yes, with great RARELY do them any justice.