Looking for a cloth to clean my pearls?


Aug 26, 2023
I own a set of Mikimoto pearls and need advice on the best cloth to clean them with after wearing makeup and sunscreen throughout the day. Could anyone recommend a specific material or cloth for this purpose and possibly share any Amazon product suggestions for this?
Any soft microfiber cloth would work fine. Microfiber is especially good for removing oily substances like lotions and skin oils.
For pearls I like suede microfiber. The brand I bought years ago are not available any more on Amazon but here are links to 2 others that should be fine:
Fuller Brush suede microfiber cloths
Haida microfiber lens cleaning cloth

I would dampen the cloth a bit to wipe the pearls if it's been a hot sweaty day or if you've worn skin products such as sunscreen, but I'd keep colored makeup away from pearls entirely lest they discolor. Just damp-- try not to wet the silk.

Just don't use "jewelry polishing cloths" or "jewelry cleaning cloths" on pearls! Those are impregnated with abrasives and chemicals to remove scratches and tarnish, and will ruin your pearls.
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