I finally strung my 7.5-8.5mm oval exotics!

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Sep 24, 2007
Well, it took me long enough, but that was because I just couldn't decide what to do with them!

I had originally bought them with the idea of making a matching bracelet for my 8.5-9.5mm ovals, but when they arrived I saw they had such different shapes, colors and luster from each other.

The larger ovals were more pastel, peachy tones, satiny luster and not so oval. The smaller ovals were very metallic and didn't show a strong color distinction from one another. The most colorful pearls were closest to where the clasp would be. I tossed around ideas but nothing seemed quite right.

Then a few months ago I was at T. J. Maxx and found an oval strand that had similar shape and metallic luster and some of the brighter colors I needed to balance out the strand. I bought it and took it apart.

This gave me enough pearls to make an 18" necklace (which in the end I strung on 49 ply Beadolon wire-- knotting it would have meant eliminating some of the pretty end pearls), a bracelet (which I can link with the necklace to make a longer necklace-- good if I'm wearing a turtleneck) and charms for my gold and silver earring hoops.

The model is my daughter (who by the way has fallen in love with this strand-- she who was so apathetic to the exotics before, ha! :D Of course I told her she may borrow them. )

Photos coming in a few minutes.
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No photoshopping done. Diffuse indoor daylight.

First the necklace in box (larger photo on page 2) and on my daughter:


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  • 7.5-8.5 exotic ovals neck shot.jpg
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Now the bracelet and the earrings/charms:


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  • exotic ovals earring charms.jpg
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I guess I'll post a photo of them on my own neck (but they look better on my daughter-- she is less tanned-- and younger!)

edit: added another photo as well.


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  • color corrected ovals.jpg
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One thing I've noticed is that photos used to look better when I uploaded from Photobucket. Since linking them directly, they seem more washed out and less in focus-- the same photos.

All the photos I posted earlier this year looked better before I changed the links (so that the photos wouldn't be deleted from P-G when they are deleted from Photobucket).

Does anyone know why this may be?
Gorgeous pearls, and well thought out! Love the earring charms!! Smart to do in both white and yellow metals. The necklace looks beautiful on both you and your daughter, thanks much for the neck shot!
Beautiful! Can't beat those exotics, can you. Love the wire treatment!
Thank you , Pattye and Knotty!

I'm really having a chuckle over my daughter's reaction to these. In the past, every time I've offered her pearls, she says pearls aren't her 'thing'. Well, she's 12, so I get that. She usually wears jewelry from Claire's.

But her eyes popped out when she saw herself in these. She said "For the first time I'm jealous!" --with a smile.

Now I have to try to find more pearls so I can make her a multicolor strand all her own. Looks like I'll be haunting T. J. Maxx for a while....
That's pretty amazing that you found similar pieces at T.J. Maxx of all places. We should expand the thread on B&M stores to include the discount haunts.
The day I found the pearls at TJ Maxx, I had first visited one store and found a 2-strand necklace of slightly smaller ovals that were more peachy/lavender, but that gave me the idea-- so I drove to a second store and that's where I found the strand I ended up using.

About 3/4 of the pearls are Jeremy's, 1/4 from the other strand. The largest ones near the front are Jeremy's.

I did not find it to be such a visually pleasing strand as it was. But it was fine for repurposing.

It's funny but since I began beading, I look at everything as potential "materials".
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A-ha! That's our plan to conquer the world! You are in our clutches! When everything is a raw material, you are an indoctrinated Lowly Beader!

Now that I've figured out how to upload photos directly, I'll have to post photos of my other creations (mostly stone jewelry) since I started beading 4 years ago. Sometime this week while my kid's in school.

But now we're going hiking... beautiful day here in CT!
Pretty ^o^ Lovely job!
Now that's one seriously insanely gorgeous necklace, Pearl_dreams....
And I LOVE the earring charms.
Clever you....
Consider buying straightforward strands from a pearl supplier rather than ready-made jewellery. You will save a fortune. And possibly have much more choice too
Thanks Mandy and Sueki!

Wendy, I don't buy in bulk because I don't resell.

I buy temporarily strung pearls and stone strands at regional gem shows, on eBay and local bead shops. I've also found really good deals at thrift shops (taking apart and redoing strands), flea markets, even antique collectives (including new, not previously-owned.)

The reason I bought these pearls at retail is they were exactly what I needed to complete this specific strand, and the price wasn't high--and I hadn't seen any similar metallic fancy colored oval pearls anywhere else. If I find more of the same quality, I'll buy them for my daughter. But most of what I buy is temporarily strung, though I'm sure I'm paying more than someone buying in bulk would pay.
Hi Pearl_dreams,
I forgot to say that the pearls look just as good on you as on your daughter.....:)