Help with this necklace please



Hi there,

I found a necklace with about 150 pearls. At least I think they are pearls. Can anyone help me identify which kind of pearls these are and what they might be worth? They are pretty irregular in shape, and the whole necklace surprised me with its weight.



Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Hi Ctelle,
Your strand appears to be comprised of Freshwater Pearls.

These pearls would probably have more inherent value than monetary value.

If this is a 16-inch strand it may just as well be natural pearls (that look exactly like Chinese freshwater pearls) from anywhere in the world. I'd have to see a well-lit picture of them on a white background. They definitely do not look matched enough for Chinese freshwater cultured. Naturals are a far better bet. If it is, however, an opera strand or rope (36 inches or more), low-grade Chinese freshwater pearls are the prime contender.

Hi Zeide
I figured you'd say just what you did. The pictures are dark and there is no description of size.

Hi ctelle

If they are CFWP and they do look like non-bead nucleated pearls, I think they may be "vintage". That is, back in the days of rice crispis Chinese CFWP, a strand like this would have been one of the first of the new round pearls they were working on.

I think the key statement made was about the matching. They used some really funky pearls to make the strand. That would only be the case if the pearls were special- either naturals or the "rare" "new" "potato" pearls form China! Well, it makes a good story anyway.
Great! But...

Great! But...

Sorry about the quality of the photos. I hope these pictures are a little better. I measured the whole thing, it is 41 inches long. Each pearl is about a quarter inch in diameter. The pearls are highly irregular in shape. They have little grooves, and some are even cone shaped... So, if I get your drift, these must be Chinese freshwater pearls, right? What should I do with them now? I live in New York City. Should I bring them to a special dealer? What is their value? They have little knots in between each of them. Should I just have it repaired and wear them? What is your advice?
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Hi Ctelle,

A 41-incher puts them with greater likelihood in the second Chinese pearl wave of ringed potatoes. They have very little monetary value in today's market but can be quite attractive if they have not been overtreated. Of course they also can be wild pearls that look just like that but you would definitely know if they were. I once made a long rope for my aunt from ringed natural (not cultured) pink pearls from Hepu China that were collected to harvest existing pearl sacs and transplant them. However, these pearls never come on the market by accident or labled as cultured with maybe the exception of some natural pearls from Bangladesh that somehow made it onto the market without being snatched up by collectors right away.