Guo Pei's pearl bridal gown


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Jan 4, 2014
Since I last posted in the forum, I've moved to Singapore, where I got to see the bridal couture exhibit of Chinese designer Guo Pei.

Her wedding ensembles must be seen to be believed, and even more incredible is that some brides in China managed to walk down the aisle in Pei's gowns that weigh as much as 50kg. The one that drew the sharpest intake of breath from me is her pearl dress. Guo Pei made this fantasy years before Lupita Nyong'o wowed the world with Calvin Klein's imitation pearl dress.



This photo by Phyllicia Wang.

At least 450,000 pearls in Guo Pei's ‘Pearl Bridal Gown’ are absolutely real–31 being South Sea pearls of the highest grade.

If you want to learn more about Guo Pei, read here.
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Cyndayco, Wow just wow! That dress is just incredible, a work of art! Thank you for sharing!
WOW!! That's incredible! Must be wonderful to see this in person! Thank you for sharing.
Words fail... Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations Cyndayco !
I cannot imagine wearing that gown, but it does take my breath away. Wowza!
Oh my. That is mind-blowing! I would love to see that in real life!
I think I can imagine my husband diving for cover if he saw that coming....
One would need to do a lot of strength training before wearing such a confection... That must be incredibly heavy! I don't think I even notice the bride's face, just the dress. ;)
One of Guo Pei's heaviest creations was modeled by a 72-year old Carmen Dell'Orifice. It was so heavy that she was helped down the runway by 4 male models. (Fastforward to 02:22 sec.)

Holy-moley! The shoes! THAT'S what I would want help (via human pontoons) with! Incredibly creative, like grand movie/theatre costumes. What an imagination.