Guess how many pearls are in the necklace


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Mar 18, 2024
I recently bought this necklace and I’m thinking it’s Akoya pearls rather than freshwater, but there are a lot of pearls in it, so maybe it’s not. The clasp is marked 14k. Thoughts?
Also, would anyone care to guess how many pearls there are?
Thanking you in advance for looking.


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My first impression was imitation pearls, actually. The pearls look a bit too uniform for akoyas (unless they are higher end.) A 14K clasp would argue in favor of their being genuine cultured pearls, but if the necklace dates back to when gold was inexpensive, they could still be imitation.

Can you post a close up of the metal mark?

Do this simple test: rub 2 of the pearls together (gently). If they glide easily on each other-- that is what imitation pearls do. Real pearls feel gritty.

What did the seller say they were?

My guess is 300 pearls.

How long is the necklace?