Graduated Strands?

Valeria101 said:
A drawing might help planning the distribution of the pearls. What length should a chain be for you to have it fall at the length where the pearls should be (in inch or centimeters)?

16 inches puts most necklace right at the hollow of my throat, I could probably stand a 15 inch as the smaller pearls around back would take up less room then my larger strands do around the neck.
Finally got to work out the 'graduation factor' of the pearls in the choker. As well as I could.

For starters, the picture came from HERE.

Took te picture, got it magnified about 6X, measured and counted the pearls, and the result goes something like this:


The circles give the relative size of the pearls from the section of the choker visible in the picture.

A little experiment concluded that about 60% of a tight choker like that would be visible in the mirror (or in a photo) from that position. The rest remains hidden in the back of the neck. ;)

What that means, is that if you need 15 inches, the graduated section infront has to be 9 inches of pearls ging down from 15mm. The rest of the strand could be going down to seed sizes, or just continue with the smallest size from the graduated section, as you wish.

The series of real life sizes matching the picture would be for half a strand:

15mm - 12,5mm - 11mm - 10mm - 9.5mm - 9mm - 8,5mm - 8mm - 7,5mm - 7mm ->
plus a six inch section of 5 - 7 mm pearls ito complete the back of the strand.

N.B. This little arithmethic considered knots to be ~2mm each.

And there's something else... these numbers are guessed starting with the 15in length of the strand you suggested. The choker in the picture must have been shorter as it sits higher on the neck of a dainty model, which maks the same aritmetic to guess smaller pearls as everything is scaled to the length of a strand - pobably not the way pearl strands are composed in real life. I would estimate that the strand in the picture had the largest pearl of ~13mm. :rolleyes:

The picture is not good enough to show the individual shapes of the peals well, as much as visible, they appear semi-baroque safe for the largest one that is clearly round.

I've recounted the thught process here for you beaders to find the mistakes! In particular, I wasn't sure at all how to account for the length of the knots.

Hope this was fun for you too :)
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Valeria - I enjoyed your deconstruction for reconstruction of the graduated pearl choker! I also enjoyed the Golden Age of Couture photos. If I ever need help finding something on the web, I'm going to YOU!;)
Wow, Valeria, that is fantastic! Now, if we could only get Jeremy to make us some (Freshadama, of course, though I don't know about that 15mm center pearl - might be impossible to find!). :)

Perle said:
15mm center pearl - might be impossible to find!

Well, they certainly get that big, round and without bad blemishes. but I wouldn't know if any would fit in with the top grade of smaller pearls... Perhaps one SS would ? :)

I'd be happy with 12mm for the largest, no problem. :cool:
If I hadn't just ordered a baroque multi SS from P. Paradise I would consider contacting them about special ordering a choker like this. I'd settle for 12mm as my larget pearl too.
Valeria101 said:
I'd be happy with 12mm for the largest, no problem. :cool:

Me too!

Very pretty look, but for the proportions to work out the back section would have to be about 4mm (graduation from 12mm to 4mm - did I calculate that right?). The ones Jeremy put together for fun went from 10mm (or maybe the center pearl was around 11-12mm?) to 6mm:

I wonder if those smaller sizes can be sourced in the higher grades?