Grading Mabe Pearls - 4) Mabe Luster

Mabe pearls are not very known for their great luster, although many of these pearls may display amazing luster. Mabe usually display a more silky or subdued luster, especially in the Pinctada species and is most shiny in the Pteria species…but luster is usually enhanced by means of a final polishing, done with a high-speed cloth-wheel and a polishing compound, although much care must be taken to avoid excessive polishing that leads to heat and may ultimately damage the pearls by “burning” them. These “burn spots” resemble brown colored discolorations and when examined closely reveal many small cracks.
Abalone-Mabe-Quality.png - NZ Abalone Mabe Quality Grades

On the image above we see that the higher grade Mabe pearls will display less surface imperfections and higher luster.

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