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Gold/ Yellow Akoya


Well-known member
Jun 12, 2017
Rare? Good? Certainly could be 9.1mm?

How would one tell the difference with gold south sea?

I got a pair of really peachy colored pearls about 7mm awhile back & have them to my Mom.

Guess they could be freshwater too?

I guess I just thought they were off color but they were really golden peach...I now think they are gold akoyas?

1 is moms pearls

2 is pic from online of 7mm gold akoya

last are pics of 9.1 mm supposed gold south sea pearl


  • SS yellow P1020697.jpg
    SS yellow P1020697.jpg
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  • SS yellow P1020780.jpg
    SS yellow P1020780.jpg
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  • SS yellow P1020741.jpg
    SS yellow P1020741.jpg
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  • SS yellow P1160348.jpg
    SS yellow P1160348.jpg
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  • SS Gold 9.2mm Plat ring P1020963.jpg
    SS Gold 9.2mm Plat ring P1020963.jpg
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  • gold akoya 7.5mm.jpg
    gold akoya 7.5mm.jpg
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  • mom x.jpg
    mom x.jpg
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Jun 12, 2017
8.3 mm overpriced gold akoya?


Does not help me for a $ comp as hes trying to get $400 for a 8.3mm pair with wha looks like damage on back.

Ugly blemished akoya


Guess my south sea could be yellow akoya...but now to prove it & time is of the essence

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