Glossary of Pearl Terms D

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Dadjin: A 19th-century pearler's basket used to hold mollusk shells and a knife.

Dana: Historical Persian quality factor describing a perfect round natural pearl larger than 7 mm.

Diffraction: One of the ways nacre layers interfere with light, causing light to split into its component colors (the spectrum), one or more of which can be displayed as overtone and/or orient.

Dobo pearl: An Indonesian Pinctada maxima pearl grown on the Aru Island of Wokam prior to World War II. It is said that 9 mm cultured akoya pearls were used as nuclei.

Dolomite nucleus: See Bironite.

Domé: Trade name for cultured American blister pearl produced with a nucleus that remains in the blister when the shell is cut around the pearl's perimeter.

Drop: A symmetrical pearl shape that's round on one end and tapers to a point on the other. The shape can be short or long and takes its name from a water drop or teardrop.

Dust pearl: Historical term describing a natural pearl smaller than 2 mm. See seed pearl.

Dyeing: Artificially coloring pearls using a dye.