Eugenie's Tiara


Sep 20, 2006
I ran across this wonderful photo of Empress Eugenie's tiara. Apologies if this has already been posted. I'm treating myself to some Pearl Guide time. :)

Empress Eugenie Tiara.jpg
Wow! Just imagine owning that... would you wear it? I'm pretty gaudy myself, so I could definitely justify it!
You could totally pull that off Pearly Sue! Even if it was just to pop to the shops for some milk ;)
Pearlie Sue, I would wear that around my house in my jammies, or anything, just to be able to wear it. But you would need to have a mirror handy to really enjoy it while wearing. :)
Yes, sorry for not showing up. Pearl-Guide is not normally a quick in and out for me, like Facebook. I enjoy it much more when I have a lot of time. Today I am attempting my taxes and figuring out Medicare, so I'm not going to be on for long, but I truly miss the friendly interaction with our pearl peeps!
We miss you here GemGeek! But glad you had some time to share with us the photo of this amazing Tiara :)
I love to notice how in the pieces made with natural pearls, they are all different and the piece was never considered lesser in any way.
I'd totally wear that tiara. It's one of my favorites.

Welcome back GemGeek. We missed you.
Wow! I believe those would be natural pearls, right? I wonder how much time it took to gather all of those pearls. The symmetry is amazing.