Does nice diamond clasp ensure I have natural pearls?


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Nov 26, 2011
I have a 2 straded choker pearl necklace around 9mm with a 14kt white gold clasp w/ safety catch with 4-ribbon bow design and 7 diamonds and tiny diamonds along perimeter of each bow. I bought the necklace second hand so I know nothing about it except the pearls have a lovely luster and ivory color. they were very dirty and some near clasp were discolored yellowish-green. I used a damp cloth to clean pearls and remove discoloration. There are no maker's marks on the clasp. I'm not sure what kind of pearls I have. How can I tell?:confused:
Please post some photos. A full view and some closeups. Please include a closeup of where the discoloration was. We really enjoy looking at what you are describing and will happily offer opinions.
By the sounds of it the pearls are round and uniform in size, if that is the case then there is a 99% probability they are cultured pearls. To find a double strand of round well matched natural pearls second hand would be like winning the lottery several weeks in a row.

If you can the pearls across your teeth and they feel gritty then you'll at least know they are real pearls - but as Caitlin said, close up pictures are going to be the only way we can ID.
If lyou dont wish to putto your teeth. Take a simulated strand, at macys if you have to, rub two beads together, note smoothness, now do with cultured and
you should notice a difference. Do with out gloves. Capitals dont mean anything.