Does anyone know Gold-mueller?


Oct 18, 2018
Hey everyone.. im pretty new to the Pearl Business... better said, christmas is around the corner and I would like to create my own pearl jewellery as christmas presents for my grandma and aunts. I found this shop, but Im not quite sure, oft those are real pearls or Fake ones. Can anyone of you Tell? Or does anyone maybe already heard of Gold-mueller and can give some feedback?

I like the fact, that their colors are all a Bit different, but havent seen it before. So Im in doubt.

Thank you in advance:)
Hi, I am in Germany as well, have also taken up making my own jewelry and just took a look at this website. In my opinion, if you want to make your own jewelry, you would be much better off to buy the pearls in China directly. I frequently order from WenPearls ( or KongsPearl ( on Etsy and have never been disappointed. They have a great variety, the prices are very good and the delivery is very fast (2 weeks on average). You can PM me if you want to know more.