Do these look like naturals to you?


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May 13, 2015
Do these look like naturals to you? The price is almost too good to be true.

I have my doubts as to natural origin. They're too round, too uniform. Buttery, but that may be the light, but not platinum. Not gulf pearls.

These strike me more as early biwa. Japan produced volumes of very fine tiny pearls for a time which accessorized akoyas quite nicely.

At that price point, I'd want to see an accredited certificate.
I thought they looked too round to be naturals, but they claim to have a GIA certificate. And I cannot spot the freshwater pearl, and I normally can. I don't plan on buying them, so I'm not going to ask to see the certificate. I've bought too many pearls this month, as is.
I've seen similar natural strands and some of the pearls have the telltale oval shape that would typically differentiate them from akoya. If they have a GIA cert, I wouldn't have any reason to suspect they are cultured.

Based just on the photo, this is the pearl I would choose as the freshwater -

Freshwater pearl?