Cortez Pearl Necklace

I really love what Carolyn does with them. I have a pair of Sea of Cortrez pearl earrings in a bluish-purple color. A friend of mine one day asked me just how many pairs of earrings I had like that. I asked what she meant and she said, "I see you have a pink one, a purple, one a blue one, and a gray one." :D They are just one pair of Sea of Cortez but, they pick up the colors of whatever I am wearing. A necklace...that would be dreamy. Certainly not happening this month, though. :)
Yes Xeresana! You got that right!!!
The beauty of naturally colored pearls lies not only in their more intense coloration, but that they always look different with different environmental/lighting situations, with the skin color of the wearer and clothing as well! They are almost like a "mood stone" in that they seem to change colors.
Yes. It is a form of insanity to punish yourself to produce an exact matching pair, let alone for bracelets or necklaces.

If you want splendid natural colors you do have to consider that it will be very difficult to produce a perfect match. But it seems most people will prefer non-matching wildly-colored pearls over the "standard look" pearls once they are given the option.

We can never -ever- have enough earrings...we sell them all and people never complain.