Combining pearls with watches.. would like some fashion advice!

Pattye I adore your wrist stack, it's gorgeous! I stack pearls with my watch sometimes, too, though I know scratching is an issue. I tend to do it with pearls I didn't pay as much for. The pricier ones go on the opposite wrist.
CoCo was famous for piling on the pearl strands! But she's known to have said, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and take one thing off.” I say wear what makes you happy!
This quote about Coco Chanel is from People & Pearls, p. 121:

" ' If there is jewelry, there must be a lot, ' she proclaimed. 'If it's real, that's showy and in bad taste. The jewelry I make is very fake and very beautiful. Even more beautiful than the real thing.' Ever the businesswoman, she liked the fact that all the aristocrats and royal ladies of her day wore pearls. It meant that her fake ones had a built-in cachet for women everywhere."

I think most of us don't think that wearing lots of real pearls is in bad taste, but then pearls are not as expensive now as they were in Chanel's day. They are certainly more accessible now for women who are not wealthy.