Combining pearls with watches.. would like some fashion advice!


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Dec 29, 2016
So I was wondering if you guys have some advice on how to pull off wearing both pearl jewelry and a nice watch, without looking like an overly decorated Christmas tree. When is it too much? (And is there such a thing as "too much"?!) I would like to comfortably wear a pearl necklace and some pearl earrings, plus my wedding ring and my steel watch. And not only when I'm dressing up, but also for more casual days (let's face it, most of my days are casual and I want to wear my pearls as much as I possibly can cause they bring me such joy!). Any piece of advice is welcome, and I would love to see some pictures for inspiration on how to combine jewelry (and watches) for different types of occasions.
I'm so paranoid about my pearls bumping/scratching up against harder things I don't mix mine with other types of jewellery. Good question though, I wonder whether other women here wear metal bracelets or watches with pearl bracelets.
Yeah, I would also be reluctant to wear pearls right next to something made of metal (like a watch or a metal bracelet), but I have seen many people doing so. Maybe it would be less risky if its freshwater pearls, since they are all nacre.. but I'm still not convinced that it would be a good idea
I think you can totally rock a pearl necklace and studs with a nice watch and wedding set. They are far enough away from each other to not look OTT. Or even swap out the pearl studs for diamond or gold earrings to be less matchy matchy.

Most days I wear:
- wedding set (3 rings)
- a right hand ring
- pearl studs
- tiny diamonds in my second piercings
- a pearl necklace OR pendant OR bracelet
Maybe the key is confidence?! (I'm working on it! :eek:) I have also found that avoiding bright patterned clothes when using several different pieces of jewelry (and a watch) makes the whole look less OTT. But I am a bit hesitant of combining different colored metals and too much jewelry at once. I just feel like I'm playing dress up :eek:. But I usually like it when I see other people rocking it. So, again.. Confidence!
I wear pearls and diamond rings with my steel watch, while wearing everything from jeans to fancy dresses. I also wear a lot of two and three color gold pieces (white, yellow and rose colored metals), so everything goes with everything, and the pearls go fine with the metals. When the jewelry isn't matchy matchy it looks better with my more casual clothing.

My pearls never rub up against metal, because I don't wear pearls and metals on the same part of my body. So I wouldn't wear a pearl bracelet on the same wrist as my steel watch, but I'll wear a pearl bracelet on the other wrist.

I'm more likely to wear two or three pearl necklaces at a time, but only one ring per hand, and maybe only two bracelets (or watch and bracelet), and earrings, and maybe a brooch, or necklace with pendant depending on the neckline of the blouse.

It all comes down to what you get used to wearing. I used to be a one necklace, one ring, one watch kind of person, but that was when I didn't own much jewelry. Now that I own more, I want to wear all of it. Plus, I'm inspired by a lot of the photos posted on Pearl Guide.

Plus, I don't think of a watch as jewelry (although it is), but as a piece of necessary equipment that has to be worn no matter what.
I say wear your pearls and enjoy them how you like! You could always use a buffer piece between your pearl bracelet and watch, maybe of leather or fabric if you are concerned about scratching them. BUT just remember that nothing lasts forever, and if it looks good...wear it!
I don't wear watches anymore since my phone is always close at hand and has the time. Not sure what my point was, except that if there's too much jewelry then my vote is the watch goes and the pearls stay haha.

ETA: I think it's really just personal preference but I usually wear my wedding rings and earrings and sometimes one or at the most two other pieces of jewelry.
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So Roast Me, lol!

So Roast Me, lol!

LOVE wearing a stack of bracelets next to my watches! My steel watch is out of commission for the time being, so wearing a funky Honora, which has 7 pearls that roll around in a channel outside the mother of pearl face. I wear this stack daily, partly to check how clasps and dark patina I apply hold up. The Tahitians are the "oldest" and don't appear to be scratched or dulled. The 2 silver charm bracelets are purchased. Wish I was ready to give up wearing a watch!

No daily rings, as my knuckles have arthritis, plus frequently washing my hands, but always earrings, either pearl or mother of pearl dangles, sometimes a pendant or strand.

Recommend for others, only stack what you can feel relaxed about, otherwise it will be a distraction and reduce your pleasure of the moment.

Plus, I don't think of a watch as jewelry (although it is), but as a piece of necessary equipment that has to be worn no matter what.

This is so true. I am just a bit lazy and rely to much on my phone so I've lost the habit of wearing my watch every day, and now I'm trying to get back to wearing it regularly. I have a tendency to think of my watch as a piece of jewelry or an accessory, but I will try to think of it as a necessary equipment, just like you said.
Love the Coco photo ! To me the white bracelets help to balance out the mass of white pearls on her neck. . I think it's about the volume. . But that's just a gut feeling ..I'm hopeless at styling :rolleyes:

Pattye- love your stack !!

I'd avoid the pearls next to the watch as a daily habit ..once in awhile shouldn't be an issue . I agree that it is a matter of confidence with styling .. when you are not used to wearing multiple things it can make you feel a bit self conscious.
I love that photo of Coco Chanel. Notice that the dress is very much a background to her jewelry.
I rarely wear bracelets as I find them uncomfortable. If I do wear them, they go on my right arm and my watch stays on the left -- I don't want my watch or bracelets to be scratched.

I regularly wear my wedding set, watch, earrings and 1 or more necklaces (pendant, strand, double rope, etc.) Sometime I also wear a pearl or gemstone right-hand ring. I think it all works well together.
You rock, Pattey! I love those stacked bracelets! I personally seem to always wear at least 2 necklaces, earrings, a ring, and a bracelet. I'm careful about metals, but I want to wear what I like. :)