Can you please help me to find this king of clip


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Feb 20, 2020
Hello !
I am new on this forum and i am not sure that i post on the right topic.
I want to know if someone knew where i can find similar clip to attach to my former long pearl necklace.
I try to upload down here some pic.
Thank you in advance for your time and answer !
And wish you all a warm, wonderfull spring, full of health, lot of joy and sunny smiles !


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That is a pretty clip! I often use regular pins/brooches to achieve that effect, where it will show in the front. If you want it in the back of your neck and don’t want to get jabbed, you might do a search on Amazon or Etsy for necklace or pearl shorteners. There are a number of options available to achieve the same purpose, but much less decorative.
It's called a pearl shortener, if that helps in your search. But most pearl shorteners are not very decorative these days. Regular brooches can be used for a similar effect.
Thank you so much! I did find on etsy by looking on shortener, not clip/ clap.
May you have a wonderfull day !
Dear BWaves,
I am not good at all with using pins / brooches, for at the end of the day i finish by hurting myself or ruin my clothes :)
I find simple shorteners on etsy thanks to you and la corsetiere, but, of course, there are not so detailed and decorative like the old ones....we live in a mass consumption society and we have to look hard to find unique pieces.
Many tks for the help !
I wish you a great day, enjoyable and surronded only by beautiful things !