Are these really Mikimoto?

A Breaker

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Feb 11, 2024
I found these vintage pearl necklace for very little, when I got them home to restring & knot, I looked at the clasp, I noticed the M with the shell around it. I have a Mikimoto brooch and recognized the mark. But the there are so few it really a Mikimoto? It is vintage. Why so few knots? (Someone else said that was the Japanese method) but I have only seem Mikimoto photos with all knots.

Are these really Mikimoto?
Are these really Mikimoto?
Are these really Mikimoto?
A Breaker, I prefer to knot between each pearl; seems like it protects each pearl from abrading each other plus knotting will add about 1 inch in length, which is helpful for some of us! If I was stringing for a client, I'd do as they requested, of course. What is your preference?