Advice on thread colour with pondslime pearls


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Dec 25, 2018
I’ve just received some pondslime ripples from Wen. I’m very pleased with the pearls - they’re just what I was looking for - but would appreciate advice from the pearl experts here on what colour Beaders Secret to use.
I have Bronze (which I think Pattye might have sent me as a bonus to trial when it was added to the range - I don’t remember buying it), but I wonder if it is a bit too dark, and Cream would be a better choice? Or does anyone have any other recommendations? Here’s a few photos under different lighting.
I like the bronze.

Taupe, tan, or oak, or even olive or rose could be interesting.

String a few pearls on both threads and leave a gap where the knot would be. That will at least give you a better feel for what a small amount of those 2 thread colors will look like between the pearls. I think laying the pearls on the full spool is a little overwhelming.
It also helps to think about what colors you want to bring out in the pearls. Using olive would bring out one color, tan a different color, rose a different color, etc. The bronze would highlight the darker tones, and the cream the lighter.
Thanks everyone. I might do some trial knotting on a few different colours today.
Pattye, black is an intriguing option - thanks for sharing your wonderful punk pearls, you dangerous rebel :)
Hahaha, Pattye, love that bead. The black definitely works with the bead and clasp.
Love the dark thread with the beautiful ripples. Also I am blown away by Anne Choi’s beads. I really need me some armed rabbits, STAT. Thank you for turning us on to those, Pattye!
Pattye- Beautiful and edgy pondslime necklace. The black thread looks great with the pearls.

Sydk- I would use the bronze Beader's secret if it was me.
I’m not so edgy as Pattye, so in the end I went with Bronze :) As it happens, you can hardly see the knots on most of the pearls because of the erratic shapes.
I made the strand three times - first time it was too short; second time with some added pearls it was too long; third time was just right, except that I was tired and the thread kept getting tangled and the ends are a mess and I forgot the gimp :rolleyes: But I think I’ll take a break and enjoy wearing it before I make it for the fourth time.
The bronze thread is also beautiful. The necklace has turned out wonderfully. Enjoy it in good health!

Being able to rework a piece and wear it again is satisfying. When I think I am being too fussy, I always remind myself of how many jewels Queen Mary had broken up or repurposed, or modified, especially tiaras. (Which history is fun to follow, there being some real scholars and fans of her jewels and those of her granddaughter, Elizabeth II.)

Of course Mary had quite the stash . . . ok, I am rambling. Thank you for sharing these pearls!
The textures and shapes of the pearls are amazing, SydK! Bronze looks super! With synthetic threads that are stronger and more resistant to abrasion compared to traditional silk, IMO gimp can be optional if the designer is comfortable that their thread is strong. Most of us are rearranging our pearls and restringing long before the thread begins to show wear, lol.

The Royal Jewels ~ so fascinating, Multichrome! I read everything I can about them, especially the pearls.

Happy to hear you checked out Anne Choi's handmade beads and thought they are cool. (They totally bring out the English major geek in me.)
The bronze just disappears, which makes the pearls stand out more. Perfect color.

I didn't use gimp for years, because I didn't know it existed. My knots between my pearls would wear out long before the thread at the clasp showed any wear.
Pearl Guide forum is where you go when you want to cultivate the gimme gimmes :p I want pond slime pearls now. And thanks for that recommendation! I joined Anne Choi's list too. Love her artist's statement. Will have to noodle on her beads and see what it inspires.
Those turned out beautifully Sydk. Your knotting looks very well done. Is that a magnetic clasp? The color and shape is perfect for the strand.
Thanks everyone. They are surprisingly lovely pearls and I am really enjoying wearing them.
GemandPearl, well spotted - it is a magnetic clasp. It’s a base metal which was once gold-coloured, but has now tarnished to a bronze-y shade that’s an excellent match for the pearls. I lost half the clasp for a time while I was making the necklace, and was about to give up on the search for it when my 5 year old said “oh, is what you’re looking for this thing that I stuck to the fridge?”
SydK - That looks great ! I'm going to order some bronze - I'v never had much use for the brown shades but I did get Taupe for the FiJi strands that are in the earthy shades and it worked really well. It's a nice colour and worth getting I think. You know that you can get the gimp in different colours ? Bronze being one of them . Send me your address and I'll mail you a snip :D